Throttle sensitivity

Can someone help me out in here, im having a problem with the sensitivity of the throttle on my gt2b when i put the the pmm control mode on current no reverse with brake, the throttle is so sensitive,light trigger will make the motor reach its full rpm

i tried fixing this by trimiming the throttle and adjusting the minimum and maximum pulsewidth but it didnt work and the throttle is still very sensitive.

The only way for me to not have a sensitive throttle is to put the control mode on duty cycle. the throttle sensitivity duty cycle is normal but its unridable and dangerous as brake is neutral so when you go full speed you wont be able to ease into braking and it will throw you off your board and risk injury.

I tried using a different remote but its glitching out and sending random commands to the motor making it move without me triggering it. i tried rebinding both of these controllers and they still do the same exact thing.

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I has this issue, but it was because I was free-wheeling it. When I put a load (body weight) on it and it worked correctly

unfortunately for me ,even when i put my body weight on it , the throttle is still sensitive

Try lowering start-up boost and min current in the misc tab Or use ackmaniacs modes firmware with the throttle curve

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This is how the current control mode works. You cannot gauge sensitivity unless you put a load on it. However, since you said it’s still too sensitive when you’re on the board, either lower motor max in bldc tool, increase the dead band in PPM, or (most recommended) use Ackmaniac’s extended BLDC tool and F/W as @krloz mentioned to customize your throttle curve.


I already tried increasing the deadband,it didn’t help the throttle is still very sensitive. I’ve got a maytech vesc so I can’t use the ackmaniac mod bldc tool.

Sensitive as in too much torque in the beginning?

no actually the start up is smooth but after seconds after the start up you get a sudden boost thats even when i barely hit the trigger @Jinra

@krloz my startup boost and my min current is pretty low already

according to my pulsewidth display, my neutral is 58% and when the motor starts spinning is at 65% and when it reaches its full rpm is at 68/69%. so i have 3/4% of the throttle to work with

You have to understand how current control works. Your VESC in current control mode will always try to ramp up to full duty cycle (95%). The throttle controls the max current applied to the motor, and if that current overcomes the load on the drive train, it’ll ramp to 95% duty cycle. The throttle controls the strength of accleration, not speed. Holding it even 10% will cause it to slowly ramp to higher speeds until the given current can no longer overcome load.

The G2TB has a throttle trim that you can adjust so you’re as close to 50% as possible, try adjusting that so the deadband is accurate.

i did adjust it to 50% but its useless, the motor wont move until i reach 65% and it reaches its full rpm once i hit 68% . changinbg ut to 50% doesnt change the sensitivity @Jinra

What’s your current deadband?

Yea it’s taking a lot to move it because the deadband is so high. Trim the throttle or adjust the PPM to get 50% neutral. Leave deadband at .1 or .15. You’ll have to get used to using the remote to control acceleration and not speed

i mean it was taking a lot to move when i had it on 50%, ive got my neutral on 58% which is closer to 65% @jinra

is there a way to control speed instead of acceleration (might have to be outside of ack firmware) ?

PID speed control or duty cycle. The problem with these modes is if you go to neutral it’ll brake to reduce the speed since the throttle is going back. Trust me, once you get used to current/watt control, you’ll find it just as good as speed control if not better.

duty cycle is dangerous because brake is neutral and when your going 25mph, you wont be able to ease in to the brake and it will throw you off the board and you risk injury

Yep that’s why you should use current/watt control with the vesc for esk8