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Throttle Smoothing and Rideability, Is It Necessary?

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So after completing my first build, and riding many many miles, I ran into some trouble. I was riding in North Carolina in the morning after a night of rain, and was going down a slight hill, and there were people on the other side of the bike path so I only had room to squeeze by. Well with my dumb luck there was a pot hole that had about 2 inches of water in it. I had to much momentum to stop and I couldnt go by so I had to run through it. I then finished going down the hill and went to go and had to power. I have my electronics in an ABS 3d Printed enclosure with a lexan lid. Anyway I am using an FVT 120a esc and a wiiceiver with the nyko kama. This was my 3rd kama at $15 to $30 a piece and the dongle took a crap becasue a few drops of water got into the enclosure. So now I have to way to control my board… If you want to know more aout it I created a build log/topic

Throttle Smoothing with a car esc
So I was originally using the wiiceiver to smooth the throotle input, but now that my third one has crapped out I want a more reliable product… So my question is, can I use the FVT 120a esc and a GT2B? Would it be safe? I have a programming card for it, so is it safe to use a car esc with a GT2B, and how smooth is the riding… Sorry if this is somthing that has all ready been answered but I couldnt find a clear answer after about an 1hr of reading…

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I’d imagine the GT2B would be usable since, well, it’s for RC cars. I’m using @torqueboards 2.4 ghz mini remote on the VESC and I have no issues, prefer it in fact. I previously used it on a car esc and was still fine.

Overall, it works way better than the Wiiceiver, in my opinion. I have more control over the motor without the throttle smoothing.

My only concern is that I am not using a vesc, and I cannot really get them affordably and they are not readily available

I also used it on a car ESC. HobbyWing 120A 6S. Worked just fine.

Ok thanks a lot for your feedback. Do you know of any controllers that have cruise control / perpetual steez? I am just exploring my options before purchasing.

I’m using GT2B with the same ESC and it works great.
there’s also a eSkate firmware for the FVT 120a, which makes it a lot smoother.
but i don’t know if there’s a stock firmware somewhere incase you didn’t like how the eSkate firmware is like.

How do u get and install the firmware?

You’ll find it here

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