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I’m from Germany and are trying to get my hands on a thumb control remote (incl. receiver) except the Winning (had one with nothing but problems). I’m talking about a benchwheel or nano-x like but they seem to be sold out everywhere. Do anyone has such a remote for sale or an address where to get one?

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@ajaynagra may have a few extra

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I’m from Germany too and I got the one from proto-boards in GB. I didn’t get to try it out yet but I have only heard good about it, what I can say is that it is really comfortable, mechanically has a pretty precise throttle, many LED’s and 3 or 4 extra buttons (2 on the tip for index finger, 1 push button on the throttle and 1 more may be on the lower side of the remote if I remember correctly) for whatever you want to do (I’m going to control a lighting system with it). Also comes with a mini usb hub + cable, silicone casing and a wrist band which is nice. It’s not a nano remote, but it really isn’t clunky either, to my hands it feels perfect. It costs about 58 € + shipping (which also was pretty quick).

Here’s the link:

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Thank you. I guess I’ll try the one from ProtoBoards. Do anyone have experience with that one regarding reliability and connection to the receiver/board? Is it straight forward to use it with a vesc and the bldc tool?