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Thumb drive vs. Finger drive


I’m about to mod my remote to a small one. Right now i have a pistol grip quanum, but police stopped me about it thinking it was a gun.
So what are your thoughts one a thumb drive like say the boosted board or a finger drive like a badwolf mod?

i’m not a programmer , nor a hardware engineer .not even a technician . i see myself as a handy man .
i’d like to introduce to our esk8 enthusiasts a new probable eboard controller .
be ready for order end of nov 2016 . (sigh*)
i found a new device in youtube and techinsider .
i wonder if it could be use as an eboard controller .
i see many engineers and programmers here in forum , can some one hack and add a bluetooth connection to this device to pair with and eboard ?

move forward ? point index finger
reduce speed ? all 5 fingers straight
brakes ? hold a fist
switch off ? snap a finger

just program the Gest device .
i believe that it is a bluetooth device . and we need a bluetooth receiver to command the VESC .
what do you think ?
is it possible ?

This is a cross roads between Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical engineering. Gest really does make it look simple and great, but durability is a huge concern here.

The closest we could get to making a decent controller thats glove like would involve electrical contacts between finger tips and palm. This is mechanically more robust and involves fewer parts and can be washed (sweat, dirt, thane dust from slides).

If there is enough interest in making a slide glove remote, I’ll do a quick draft (I’m a BME, so its just a matter of finding the time to assemble and test).

The following demo commands can be routed like momentary switches to the PCB.
Make a fist (4 finger tips in palm): Accelerate.
Open your hand (no fingers touching): Neutral.
Pinch (3 fingers to palm, pinch index and thumb): Brake.
OK (Index and thumb): Cruise Control.

If you’re interested in this concept, hit me up. I"m looking to build a development team and this seems like the right place.

EDIT: Keep metal contacts on thumb and index finger. Fabric strain gauges on all the fingers can replace the palm contact, that way I don’t give up sliding.

I personally cannot stand the trigger finger drive.
this is why I always use the perpetual steez of the Nyko Kama.
I have never used a thumb drive before, but I have thought about trying it…

I am also working on an experimental “push assist” board which will have a very simple foot control, and no need for transmitter.


I like the badwolf mod. I printed mine in red. We are not gun paranoid over here (UK), but just in case - red makes it clear it’s a toy. I’m used to using tigger remotes so I find it instinctive and comfortable. On top of this, the GT2B is super reliable, cheap, and last for ages on a charge.


Police stopped me yesterday here, in Belgium, for thinking i was holding a gun :joy:

i couldnt find GT2B in local stores . can this GT3C work ?

$100 is a lot of money for a remote, especially when you can get the GT2B (basically the gold standard in reliability) for $25. But if you want a remote that looks nothing at all like a gun, has a good thumb control, uses the same basic reliable 2.4 ghz standard as the gt2b and even has cruise control, you’ll want the steez remote.

Carvon sells them, and Enertion uses them with the Raptors. I’m using them now too on my completes.

you can get one here: _Control.html