THUMPER | Trampa Holy Pro | Dual Trampa 118KV Motor | Trampa Motor Mount + 3D Printed Cover | Dual VESC 4.10 FOC Sensored | 42V 10AH Li.ion with 30A BMS | Bluetooth Module | 2.4Ghz Remote

THUMPER Trampa Electric Mountainboard LEV by Laurentius Judhianto

Hi Builders. It’s been a while since I did my first build with Project LACR

And from there I have made few more prototypes / builds which are more or less the same, however I would like to introduce my recently finished build, Project Thumper (named after Thumper the character of Bambi) :smiley:

As usual with all other eMTB builds, the base carbon fibre deck is made by Trampa. While they do now offer motor and motor mount, I gave them a shot. It’s all arrived in a very well packaged box and pre-assembled so it was too easy for me to put it all together.

There aren’t much special things I truly added within this build besides less obtrusive deck drilling and well protected electronics from water entering these enclosures. So I made all of the holes as small as possible. Soon I will put some more sealant to just secure everything.


  • Dual Motor eMTB Holy Pro 15 ply 14 tooth set (inc motor mount) from Trampaboards
  • Dual VESC 4.10 from Ollinboard
  • Dual Enclosure from Underwater Kinetics
  • Brooks Bicycle Light
  • Bluetooth module from
  • 2.4 Ghz remote from Aliexpress
  • Custom Battery Pack 42V 10Ah Li ion LG Battery (10S5P) with 30A BMS + charger
  • Industrial Grade Capacitor from Conrad
  • 80A Fuse from Conrad
  • Loopkey using XT90 Anti Spark from HobbyKing

Dual 4.10HW VESC is configured with 2.8FW FOC Hybrid (sensored FOC mode) Very smooth, very silent and very powerfull startup torque. Maximum speed somewhere above 40km/h to 50km/h as “too scary too ride” for me.

10S5P Battery configuration by connecting 5 groups of 2S5P in series. In my opinion this is not the best setup but its a decent - cheap BMS setup.

Bluetooth connection with iPhone to look up for speed, battery and distance Live just add new dimension in eBoarding.

I love it being weather proof, I love the big 5 inch wheels running over everything. Simplest charging of all with BMS, a voltage meter to add would be nice to have. All connections are secured with cable ties, shrink wrap and wire mesh.

Personally I got to say that the motors are very well build, also provide ridiculous torque. Comparing 190KV SK3 torque to this 118KV torque would be unfair. However overall I found that 118kv is too slow if you only do 6S configuration. The torque is insane for normal street. But personally I like low KV alot as I can ride longer while keeping the motor current draw low (running cooler). On top of that with the motor spinning faster, makes it slightly more efficient in the long run.

Here are the photos

Few eMTB disadvantages:

  • Hard to make sharp turns
  • Loosened truck / dampa makes it hard to control at speed over 25kmh
  • Big and heavy for daily urban commuters
  • For @trampa, please reduce the amount of bolts and nuts. Took sometime to assemble - disassemble completely.
  • Lights are not so bright, but I like it :smiley:

I’ve also designed my own Trampa Mount Cover you can find in Thingiverse that helps keeping branches get stuck between the belt tooth. It’s modular designed, so you can easily swap broken piece with new one.

Lots of ride, Lots of of fun. From The Netherlands with love. Looking forward for the next!


One of the cleanest Trampa builds i’ve seen. Well done. The Brooks Bicycle Lights look classy. I visited Amsterdam a little while ago and regret not touring the rest of the Netherlands. It is such a beautiful place. Can you post some pictures of the sites you see as your riding around ?

Nice build, the lights look sweeet. 118kv must have a lotttt of torque. I’m running 192kv on my Trampa and it still has a lot of torque.

Nice build! I love that the wires are not all over the bindings. Although, not all eMTB builds are done with Trampa. :grin:

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Thank you everyone.

@Rob.Endless Yes the torque is ridiculous, almost too much. But this give me alot of advantage in climbing and long distance travel as the motor wont heat up easily. As the speed im mostly riding is 20 - 30kmh, they are spinning fast enough to be efficient and smooth.

@mccloed I hate wires on bindings, I find it ugly. But wires at bottom also worries me alot. That limit the way you ride, no more jumps, slides and climbing over big things.

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You can also put the wires on the edge og the Board. You would love some cables molded into the deck I bet.


Yes I would love to have that wires running within the board deck. However in manufacturing perspective, building a cover / adding layers of carbon fibre on the cables works fine too.

If there is sharp object or running through pavement and the cable get damaged, short will occur. Replacing power cables also not something I really want to deal with.

First priority would be to add cover to the belt and motor as sometimes branches and leaves just stuck there.

I will post my VESC configuration as well as my UK enclosure mount system very soon, will keep you guys updated!


Hey Laurnts great build. Must have missed it in December. Have you ridden that board enough to tell me something about these motors? Since I have a similar build in progress and ordered the VESC6 beta I would love to try these motors. The sensors make them interesting, but dang they are so f*****g expensive. Two would cost almost 460€ and I cant imagine that they are so much better than the usual SK3-6374s. I could buy five for the same amount. Do you think they are worth it?

@Tarzan Yes I’ve ridden the board motors long enough both when its wet and dry. I really have to say that it really have insane torque, especially on a dual setup like me.

What is fabulous, is really those sensor! Since I use the sensor, I loved them so much on low speed. I basically can start from a deadstop on a hill without motor pulsing / cogging. Acceleration is more predictable and smooth.

I really can’t switch back from hybrid FOC / hybrid BLDC. Won’t happen. The feeling is also like switching from ESC to VESC, once you get used to it, you won’t go back.

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Really like your build! :+1:

Do you really use this board off road, or more on the pavements? There is not a lot off road in Rotterdam I think. How does it ride on the dutch pavements compared to your other board? Is it stable enough at higher speeds?

@Cuprani Thank you!. I use it more often on the smooth bike lane and sometimes on the pavement. The ride on pavement is just smooth like a bike. Longboard wheels 90mm is not suitable for pavements, but the MTB wheels does the job very well.

The MTB is very stable, even more stable at higher speed, however I tend to loosen up the spring tension so that I can carve easier.

My only hate about MTB is just it’s not as easy to use in Dutch bike lane. 90 degree turn on a small path is just hard to do. These makes me think about getting shorter deck, but anyway the ride is just more awesome than electric longboard.

— Minor drawback is that it really catches alot of attention, so its common to have alot of questions as well as being stopped by others :smiley:

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Really sweet build!! I think a good turning radius with loose trucks as well as stable high speeds can be achieved if trampa or other manufacturers added dampers to the trucks. You could also try to add a damper yourself as you are a diy’er. You could think of the dampers used on big RC cars or on the streering wheels of a motorcycle, plenty of -off the shelf- dampers available that might work.

How much more does a MTB build cost compared to a similar street build (dual drive, large pack etc). I’d imagine the wheels, trucks, motor mounts and deck to increase the cost by at least 200 euros compared to a normal build.

@Stef Those +200 euro are the things you see. In total I think eMTB cost about 1000 euro more. Those cost comes from the MTB its self, expensive motor mount. But I also use Trampa Motors, Mounts and Dual VESC which ends up even more and more.

I think in general save to say it cost around 2500 euro excl build and shipping cost (also some import tax).

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Hey man, is this a 35° or 15° board?

Beautiful build but no way it should run you that much. Keep your costs down and look for used boards. I got lucky and picked up a sweet Real Dirt with complete Trampa Trucks and wheels for 200. The mounts I got/getting are another 180 from Idea. Then boxes-100, ESC Vesc 6.0 - 400, wires -20 and motors- 160 that’s €1200 max.

@monkey32 What are you doing for a power pack?

@monkey32 well I’m not looking into a cheap build. I’ve did multiple boards with hub / belt with cheap build and I didn’t quite like them.

@Davey its 35 degree.

What would you think about a 15° board? I found a good offer lately. Will it make a difference?

I really dont know to be honest, because I never have the 15 degree or even ride one. Trampa didn’t seem to have 15 degree version for urban / mtb / street. I do see them for kite. It’s very hard to say regarding how it rides, its better to ask @trampa Frank for it :smiley: