Thunder in the Mountains ID Shirts

So with a lot of us going to the Thunder in the Mountains event/other events, I thought I’d make an offer to make T shirts or tanks for anyone who would like one. I realized I don’t know a lot of your names but I know MANY of your usernames. My wife runs a craft business and we have a heat press and several vinyl cutters.

I was thinking of just putting @venom121212 (but your username) on any color plain t shirt or tank (V neck or crew neck) for $10 shipped US.

If there’s any interest here, let me know. It’d be nice to get a group font and placement of the username coordinated.

I’ll throw in a free small helmet @username decal as well cause why not?

Maybe a dumb idea, just thought I’d offer :sweat_smile:


I want one and I’m not even going lol

This is a great idea. Maybe you can do the same for the Paris event


Sounds good man, I’d love more swag for TITM

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Good idea, no need to limit the fun!

They actually searching somebody designing a shirt for Paris. Here:


1-2 color images are fine and easy to do with vinyl press. If they want a multicolor graphic (detailed logo with many colors) I’ll have to DTG (direct to garment) print them which only works for light color shirts. I’m happy to make whatever to help the community get connected for minimal profit!


I’m actually at the apparel warehouse now :wink:

20190503_134942 20190503_135212 20190503_135113

Definitely making myself a downhill all the time hat.


@venom121212 i have an screen printer a block from my house that could do multi color prints for very cheap they also get wholesale prices on t-shirts and sweatshirts if you want to collaborate.

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Nice! If I go the multicolor route, I’ll most likely just stick to DTG printing. You just print a sheet of ink and heat press it to a shirt. I’ve never tried screen printing, it looks too messy and space unfriendly to start up but I love the end result.

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We already have something in mind for the paris event bro, nice you thought of us though!



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