"Tico" *UPDATE*/Red Ember Bludgeon/dual Maytech 6374S 170kv/ FOCBOX/20-60 PSYCHO 6SHOOTERS/ 12s5p bypass 30q/psycho mounts and enclosure

I built my own I suppose. I ordered a ton of stuff from Composite Envisions. If you are interested I could put you together a list of what you actually need. And steer you away from things like the wrong type of fabric for this application, just LMK.


Plant those seeds man. I’m sure peeps want that knowledge.

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That would be much appreciated, assuming all goes well today I plan on wrapping this enclosure cause I will be using a CF deck and think it’d go nicely together


I know sender might not say this… But everything he does say.

Spend the extra $100 on a vacuum pump, drip reservoir, and the consumables to vacuum bag it… you’ll end up extremely happy since you can’t work from the backside… Your working face is exposed… best finishes come from vacuum bagging… or like what Tim is doing… Alot of love and working that jerk muscle…



Here is a great source. Way better prices than most places I qas able to hunt down.

I am a complete amateur at this, but have a casual “dabblers” knowledge at this point.

As far as skinning is concerned, stay away from polyester resin. Go Epoxy. It is so much less toxic and it is easier to work with as it can have a longer working time.

I recommend:

You can get smaller amounts and it is easy to work with as you use a 2:1 ratio. It also wets our very well without being too “runny”

The actual fabric you use is very important. If it isn’t “soft” and pliable enough, it will be a nightmare to try to get it to conform to more complex shapes like an enclosure, but might be fine for deck skinning.

Check out that site, there are tons of cool options, but I have had the best luck with stuff that is around 6grams or so… much more and it is pretty rigid and is harder to conform to things.

If you see sonething on there you like, show me what it is and I can possibly steer you if it will work well.

But, I know very little. The experts on here are @MasterCho and @bigben. Guys, correct me if any of this info is way off.

So, if skinning, watch that video I linked above several times and pay close attention to time lines. It is very important.


@Deckoz is totally right on this… but you can still do some pretty cool shit without it. And there is definitely a learning curve on using that equipment… so you could spend significant amounts on wasted supplies.


Haha I only mentioned it, because I’m sure your like me Tim… must sand it to perfection… If not perfect recoat and sand again haha. Definitely an arm workout… I sanded my audio boxes for almost a week until I was happy.


You are soooo right. I am on my 4th epoxy coat now…


Then more light 150 grit sanding, a final light cost of epoxy and 400 through 1200 sanding and a polish job…

I already have like 10 hours into this thing over the last 3 days. Granted it is a lot of waiting and bursts of 15 minutes of effort, but still.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I will say this:

@Eboosted enclosures are some of the best and they hold a lot of detail, especially that one.

I wouldn’t skin that guy. At most I might use an hvlp sprayer and add some color. But I probably wouldn’t. Just my $.02


Mmmmm more epoxy…


Amazing write up and build thread. You’ve really inspired me to start a build and jump in head first. This community seems amazing and I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface. Tim your dedication is completely evident in your work. Can’t wait to grab a hitch hiker and talk boards.


Thanks man! I really appreciate it!


Coming along great! Looks super sick.


Those trucks look sick

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Looking good mah dude we need to get together again soon!


Absolutely, just say when!

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So I added 3 more coats of epoxy last night, waiting for about 3 hours between coats to get good build up. Already looked great this am, but not done yet!

Taking 120 grit and sanding it down until it is all even.

After I wrap this up, there will be one more light coat of epoxy, allow full 8 hour cure, and progressively sanding from 400 to 1500 grit then polish to a shine.



Agree with this wholeheartedly. @Sender I feel like you captured the proper attitude perfectly of a person who wants to go from newb to master. This is the road. There isn’t any shortcuts. So glad to see a build thread from you. We were collecting parts at the same time, so i figured you probs had a good pile and more than a few builds in mind. This board is going to be absolutely SICK. Will be my inspiration for build #4 (a few years down the road lol). Already have the trucks at least… If I’m ever down your neck of the woods, I’ll contact y’all for a group ride.


Thanks Mark! That means a lot to me! Really all the cool support and feedback I have recieved means a lot. And PLEASE hit me up if you are ever down here!