Tifu: by trying to clean my charging port 😭

My charging plug and port were looking dirty and I was having to jiggle the plug to make a solid connection to charge, so I thought I’d clean them out. Not thinking things through, I poked a screwdriver into the charging port which resulted in a spark :flushed: obviously should have disconnected it first. Lesson learned. The board still turns on and I took it for a ride with no dramas, but the light on the charger won’t register that it’s plugged in any more and it won’t charge. I’ve opened it up to have a look. The charge port doesn’t look burned. Would I be able to physically see damage to the BMS? Can I get some sort of readout on the BMS through the remote? Is there likely to be a fuse in line that I can look for? Evolve bamboo GT

Took it apart. Had a look at the BMS and couldn’t see any physical signs of damage. After reading every forum post I could find on this topic I tried bypassing the charging plug and it started charging! Turns out I (thankfully) just wrecked the charging port. Going to replace it tomorrow and get back to riding :slight_smile: