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Tightened the pulley too tight

So I put the motor pulley on without realizing that I put it on after mounting on the motor mount. Anyways, I tightened the set screws way to tight. So tight that I reshaped the Allen key hole. Now none of my Allen wrenches work on it. What do I do??

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A dab of red locktite to hold the wrench in place, keep it still til it sets. Dont get any red on the teeth.

With my patience id just hammer a flat screwdriver into it and then drill it out when it fails.

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edit: ok, don’t drill if you can, drill the screws only if you tried everything else first :wink:

Oh ya, motor pulley. Ya you gotta drill it

No! Don’t you dare drill that poor pulley.

Go to the hardware store and buy your self a 20 dollar pulley remover the smallest one you can find

If you can find a torx bit you can tap it into the striped hole. It usually works. Other than that there are easy out drill bits you can buy. They are reverse thread and pull bolts out automagically

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If you have a way to heat it up … Then try to unscrew it

I had the same problem few weeks ago. You can heat it up the pulley with heat gun then unscrew it.

if your using metric hex then try using a standard hex that is just slightly larger than the original one.

Often times it will bite enough to remove the old one. Try tightening each bolt just slightly and that will help getting the threads to move.

Silicone spray left to penetrate can help also.

If…it totally gets stuck…the last resort would be pull it out…and you will need to get a small battery cable puller.