Tiller is at 100% but charger light stays red

any idea whats going on? the red light wont change to green.

We will need more info, what is tiller?

psychotiller. 12s6p. 5 amp charger.

just charged it up and board says 100% but the charger light doesnt go green.

The light on the charger?

yes sir the one that goes red when you plug in to charge. its not going back green.

It’s likley a problem with the battery pack OR fault with the BMS.

But, if you have another charger that is identical, you could try swapping that out first to rule that out of the equation.

crap. thanks so much!

Additionally, if you have discharged the battery a lot it may just take awhile for balancing to complete.

Voltmeters are not incredibly accurate, most are +/- 1 volt. If it’s at 49.5 bolts it could still report 100% and not actually be charged to 100%.

I’ve had a 10s6p pack that has thousands of miles on it take an entire day to completely balance when I discharged to 32v.

thats a valid point,

should defo leave the charger plugged in & on for like 24hours to see what happens

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i dont think we discharged it that much. im worried its still pumping juice unto full batteries. go booom?

the fucking screws keep falling out of the motor mount. this board falls apart literally every ride. maybe @psychotiller could check his messages. i have stripped motor mounts and broken belts and now this battery.

are all boards like this? loctite doesnt help. even the grub screw that is the set screw for the surf rod fell out. i never had to do shit with either metroboard and my meepo classic has racked up more miles than the $2500 board because its always broken.

i have a wedge, and when i shipped the board to dave for work it somehow got crushed in a box that could have fit 2 boards. ive stood on it and 240 lbs didnt even flex it. and it comes back literally flat. dave said it came that way to him, wtf happened??

im just at my wits end with this board. i feel like a metro x would have been better. not in performance but it wouldnt lose a screw 3 miles into a ride after its just been tightened as snug as possible.

im ranting

It’s very common for electric skateboards to need repairs, i don’t believe there are any brands that are 100% bullet proof. Issues such as loose screws would be regarded as an ongoing maintanence issue, always check your board before riding.

maybe post a picture of the screws & we can give better advice on how to fix them.

today we got 3 miles after tightening every screw before the motor mount came loose.

@psychotiller read my message and didnt reply. just sell me the dang parts. i think i might have to sell it.

btw @onloop - it has a unity in it.

In the past when i have built boards with motor mounts i always used red thread locker. Do you know what has been used on your board?

Just a PSA threadlocker has to cure for 24 hours minimum.

Meaning if you put threadlocker on and go out to ride instantly threadlocker won’t do sh*t

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