Tiller001/Hummie deck/Surf_Rodz RKP'S/Psychotiller Sensored 6369 200kv motors/Drop through SR RKP'S with quick66 mounts/10s5p/FocBox

All credit for this build goes to @psychotiller and his staff. Unwrapping it today my preconceived ideas of a proper esk8 have been completely revalued.

From the first inhale of fresh rubber the first visual of the massive 69’rs. The master fit and finish it’s been a total sensory overload.

Sometime back in September I commissioned @psychotiller to build my dream eSk8.

I wanted to own a board that was stable at high speeds. I had experienced carving on the GTX and was hopelessly addicted but not thrilled or comfortable with said board over 30k.

At the time I’d been researching for about a month on esk8.builders and popular opinion was a set of six shooters and a round three @hummie composite deck would be a great start.

It was just after I posted introducing myself that @sender grabbed my ear and quite rightly suggested the perfect complement would be a set of Surf_Rodz RKP/TKP’s

The next couple of months was me asking dumb questions and Dave politely suggesting and hinting at the right configuration. Along the way I upgraded the motors. @psychotiller was particularly happy about that. He always let me feel that my ideas and input were important…lol He was very careful not to stifle my enthusiasm or diminish my enjoyment.

For me I was blown away the man the legend 12000 km away was building my dream board.

Many thanks to @Hummie for the magnificent wood and carbon deck. The finish is beautiful and has the best grip glass surface so the carbon finish is still visible.

I also thank

To all above mentioned and fellow esk8 brothers and sisters thanks for making this happen.

I will post some of the conversations we had over that time in between the photos.

@Hummie round three wood and carbon deck


  • 6 shooters
  • Drop through SR 200mm RKP trucks with quick66 mounts
  • Psycho’s arc Enclosure with wire channel
  • 6369 sensored 200kv Maytech motors
  • 2 X Foc Box’s
  • 2.4 mini remote
  • Premium Truck mount hardware
  • 16t motor pulley with keyway

@tinniesinker 30Q 10s5p

  • 42v,10s5p, 30q,630Wh

Focbox Settings:

  • Motor max amps 70a
  • Motor min (regen) -40a
  • Battery max 35a
  • Battery min (regen) -12

FOC. Gear ratio 3.75:1 Gearing 16/60 on 150mm wheels Peak power 4200w Max speed 33mph 53 kph No tail wind or downhill :grin:


From the first inhale of fresh rubber the first visual of the massive 69’rs. The master fit and finish it’s been a total sensory overload.


P I actually have a set of those motors Maytech 6365 170kv that are out of the box! They have only been bench tested. I could sell you those for $100 a piece? M Thank you I humbly accept that price. I wondering if I should get the deck sent to you? Is @hummie near you? I’ve only paid him $110 for the deck so far.

More Parts: Phycho’s Arc V2…Power switch, Battery Meter, anti spark SurfRodz 200mm RKP Trucks with New Quick 66 mounts Premium mount hardware 2 X 12 mm Belts 2 X 16 T Drive Pulleys 2 X 50A Maytech Vesc FOCBox 2.4 GHz Remote

I have a 10s4p VTC .6 pack Would you say the SurfRodz 200mm RKP Trucks are more stability at high speed? Or the SurfRodz TKP Trucks will be plenty stable carving at high speed? What have I missed? P We include all electronics (power switch, battery meter, antispark) with the batteries that we sell. Price on all of those components together and installed into your enclosure would add $55

For high Speeds I would use the RKPS without question.

All of the parts you have listed for your build will make it a really fun stable board.


Looks like you will be able to get 10-12 miles of ride time. and be able to hit 25-28mph with 170kv motors and the 10s4p Sony battery. I put a quote together for you to review (or pay if you like it lol)

Let me know! Dave

M Hey mate thanks for putting this together, everything is spot-on except the range. I guess the battery need to be upsized 12s ? I think I’ll commission @TinnieSinker to make one and leave the 10s in the GTX.

Ideal would be around 20 mile range. What size will fit the enclosure?

I do most of my riding on a bike track near home. It’s a km round just like the endless wave. I imagine I’m carving and chasing long sections down the line, throwing in the big cut back on the corners.

It’s so much fun. lol

The Invoice looks good value.

Like most of us here I’ll spend more than I should. Having your support and guidance 2000 miles away is mind blowing. If your ever in Aus. or there’s something I can help with.

Thanks Dave


P Yeah! I think you could grab your range with a 10s5p or maybe a 12s4p. I wish I had a track to ride here…

Both of those battery’s can fit. 10s5p or 12s4p. Using focboxes. So, I will get you them.


M “Does Lower KV Really Mean More Torque” Wow I’ve been trying to read this article…My head hurts If I wanted more torque would you recommend a motor upgrade.

EG: Sensored 6369 200kv motors or how far off are the 190KV?

My experience is with the GTX over 35km is speed wobbles. A certain amount of this is OK you can change the way you ride EG: long carving and or tighten your trucks.

I’m hoping with the RKP trucks and stiffer deck this speed wobble zone will be almost non existent.

So if I went a higher KV it would still be stable.

You say in the article The sweet spot is between 190kv and 300kv Outside of that, your speed will suffer. Too fast or too slow.

Do you think with what I’m trying to achieve I’ve got it right already? Shit Dave I’ve got to ask ….How much would it cost to upgrade to the 6374 190kv ? :laughing:

P Bar none. The 6369 motors are the best, torquiest motors we use. My shop guys and myself unanimously agree they are better than the 6374s in everyway.

I was secretly hoping you would upgrade out of the 170kv motors HeeHee!

You’d be looking at $75 to upgrade to the 74 190kv’s or $50 to upgrade to the 69 200kv’s

You are going to find the RKP’s crazy stable. No reason you couldn’t break 40mph on them (we have a few times)

Either way, you’ll get a ton more performance out of your board.

How soon will Hummie’s deck show up here?


M I don’t believe he has a definite date… lol but has said “write me in a week or two when they come and remind me”

So not that far off. :thinking:

Do you have a layout plan or photo showing the setup for Psycho’s 2 arc Enclosure with wire channel?

I’d like to get @TinnieSinker tuned before it arrives. No rush…….shit I’m excited!!!

That logo on your 200 KV cans is sick. The next month is going to be agony hahahaha P I don’t have one made up with the wire channel right now, but I know a guy who can make one haha! I’ll at least open up my hummie build to show you how I have everything laid out with 10s5p


M Thanks Dave…so at the moment I need to send you another $50 for the 69 200KV’s What do you think of idlers on the belts have you used them?

P I don’t think about idlers at all…We had idlers 5 years ago. done with that. Totally hype. They actually create more roll resistance.


M Thanks…do you ever sleep? Do you carry or recommend drive gears to run ABEC 11’s. I have 107’s and 97’s ABECs Will the evolve drive gears work. I think they use a 15T motor gear with 32 or 36 tooth drive gears.

Do I owe more for the focboxes + upgrade to 69’s Send PayPal invoice when you have a chance.

P I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

We run the 40t pulleys usually on 107’s. sometimes we run 36t on 107’s for a little top end. The evolve pulleys are possible I think…May end up confusing things though.

You don’t owe me anything else for the focboxes. Just pulleys and 6369 upgrade.


M Hey Dave… can you advise the Surf_rodz base plate angle…bushing combo and durometer. Not sure if there is a colour option for hangers etc. please advise.

I’m going to go with what you think anyway but if you could tell me your thoughts. Also still need to get a layout plan for @TinnieSinker for the battery.

P I like to run the 45° baseplates and then I’ll wedge the front truck to add a little angle if I want more turn.

We are now running charge only 35a bms’s. NO Cutouts or resets. Also take up about a 1/4 of the space that bestech needs.


M Hey Mate, @TinnieSinker has pinged me I’m next up in his battery builds. Can you confirm any details he might need to be ready to go on arrival. As per your advise going for a 10s5p 30Q charge only BMS Any info would be appreciated cheers

P Pack needs to be laid out flat in a butterfly formation (cells not lengthwise) BMS should piggy back the cells so you have room for the focboxes.

Below…Thanks @TinnieSinker for this beautiful 30Q 10s5p


M Hey mate, can you add the other size 2 X Versa Pulleys plus a six shooter large T shirt and peak please. If not in stock then later.

I’m buying a set of vintage Italian café racer style leather from Greece. I’ve given her my measurements and she is looking in her stock.

P I believe I just need to invoice you for 6369 motor upgrade and pulleys right? what’s a peak?

shirt’s on me! I have a large for you. Grey or black? Those suits are sick!!! good find.

Your deck is here! M Sorry Hat…:joy:


As I mentioned earlier @Sender jumped in early with some good advise.

Sender: While you’re at it, you should grab @psychotiller 's enclosure for that hummie deck! Hell while your @ from psycho: TKPs carvey or RKPs stable with mounts. Hummie deck enclosure by psycho Psychotiller power plant 6369 motors

10s?p (whatever for the hummie deck) made by psychotiller. Unless you want to get into battery making… its a fucking blast! Figuratively and unfortunately literally if you aren’t careful.

Then take pleasure in the fact that you will have a better first build than 99% of people! Your timing on the 6 shooters is impeccable! People have been waiting for ages for these. Some of the best there is! M Hello @Sender thanks for the heads up.

TKPs or RKPs with mounts…I’ll have to look that up. 6369 motors also… I was looking for torque ….maybe 6380 170KV Torque Boards hahahah

I’m am sure @psychotiller 6369 would be plenty lol

Sender Definitely plenty. Will blow that GTX out of the water. Just because things are available, doesn’t mean that what fits the bill for what you need.

Either way, get that enclosure for sure. Tailor made for that deck.

And for sure get a set of trucks and mounts from him. They are the best. You will be using CNC precision trucks from Surf Rodz instead of cast calibres like so many.

You already have two amazing components, don’t let this bad ass set up down by going mid grade trucks. Get that fire!

If you want some more torque, he should have some 6374s back in at some point. But the most important is getting those trucks and mounts. Based off what you described wanting, I would lean towards the RKPs. I promise you won’t regret it.


P Did I ever ask you about colour preferences on your Surf Rodz? I have a bunch of funky colours here right now… M Not sure about funky…are they on the website? Is there a colour scheme going. P Well? I have purple hangers, green hangers, saffron hangers, Black hangers, Black base plates, pink base plates, Raw base plates…I put raw base plates and black hangers on, but was just thinking you might like some of the others. The colours are on SR’s site M I like the solid blue or black please. P Those may not be RKP’s you’re looking at. The blue isn’t available in RKPs. Just checked.

Buuuut, I do have a set of Blue camo hangers I’ve been saving…

M Who have you been saving them for?

P For me hahaha I’ll take a pic of the blue camo hangers for you. They are beautiful.

M Those hangers are beautiful…thankyou




So that’s pretty much how things came together. It’s been a cracking good few months …lol The hardest part waiting is done now to complete her and on the track…:sunglasses: :heart:



Reading that gave me a headache :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great board, I am sure you will enjoy it. @psychotiller is a great guy to deal with.


lol…it gave me one writing it up…lol

You did well…probably best read in stages…lol

I had to tell the story…it was a fantastic adventure.

I’m so stoked at the moment…the wait is over…:grinning:


Psyched for you man! Enjoy that Sin Wagon!


That was a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful build!



Daaaaaaamn!!! Were you writing that while you were waiting? :rofl:

This was a great review Mark! Thank you for being so patient. I’m going to post your review on my facebook page if that’s alright?

Battery should be plug and play and everything is programmed and ready to ROCK and Roll. Can’t wait to hear your first ride impressions/comparisons/screams of passion haha!


Post away no probs…delete that photo of me please…lol

If a picture is worth a thousand words then seeing and touching is worth one hundred thousand.

The massive motors the smell of new rubber the fit and finish the beautiful deck… She has completely exceeded anything I could have possibly imagined.

Can’t wait to get her on the track…

Thank you Brotha….:sunglasses: :joy:


Hahaha why would I delete that photo of you?! I really appreciate the praise


I’m shy :pensive: hahaha

The board and yourself are worth every bit of praise you receive. It’s frigging awesome…lol

cheers…from down under


No way man! It is 10x better connecting builds to actual people!


Great looking board… I’m gonna brake and buy 6shooters. Just love my urethane.


You’re so right. This is why you can’t pick your wife from a catalogue.

Board looks excellent. Ironically through several sources my next build will be very similar!



Awesome review! Love the pictures by the Mustang. I’ll have to take more pictures of my boards by my Duster. :laughing:


Great read, and happy you got the board of your dreams. You’re gonna have a lot of fun on it.

Not sure if it was in the text (eyes swimming on my phone) but what was the final gear ratio decided on for the six shooters? Got some 6ers for my board and curious what the sweet spot is for them on 6374s.

All in all the board looks amazing. Tiller certainly knows his stuff :+1:


Awesome read, and a fantastic looking build!!!

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Wicked looking board Mark!! Get out there and smash the thing! Great review too.


Mannn I ordered my six shooters from @psychotiller to put on my hummie deck aswell and looking at this thread it makes me realize how long a couple days can be when you’re waiting for something beautiful


@Skunk “I’m gonna brake and buy 6shooters.” Yes brake and buy…they look feel and smell dope… Can’t wait to drop that first burn out…lol Well done on your build :call_me_hand:

@brenternet “pick your wife from a catalogue” I don’t mind a bit of old world charm…lol “my next build will be very similar” You’ll be very happy if it is. The glass job on the deck is stunning…thanks I’m not sure how it was done…it was a surprise :heart:

@mccloed “take more pictures of my boards by my Duster” cheers…do it and post them on the like thread or here…lol :+1:

@Toughook Good question…lol 3.75:1 16 T motor pulley 60 T drive pulley Top speed around 35 mph loaded. Have been told it could bust 40 mph…lol

@ARetardedPillow “how long a couple days can be” I feel you…lol Every time I wanted to ask for a update I’d hit myself with a hammer…lol IT worked most of the time…:grinning:


Love the Mustang :star_struck: