Time to buy an vesc

Hello, my board is coming along nicely and the next item on the list is a vesc. I’ve been looking at the enertion vesc-x and there seems to be quite a few other options. Looking for recommendations and any pros/cons that I should be aware of.


Check out the Miami Electric Boards VESC. Has a nice heat sink, the entire unit shrink wrapped and @oriol360 will put whatever ends you want on it.


Without a doubt the Ollin Vesc is the highest quality and has a great reputation here on the forum. I personally have one and it is great. It comes with a 2 year warranty included with the purchase which is great. I screwed up the voltage setting on my first go but I see dis back and they fixed it free of charge. It is a great product and I recommend it if you have some extra money to spend.


VESC 6 is almost out - should have a beta version in a week or two. I would guess in a month or two they will be available to all but will be expensive until others start making it.

DIYElectricSkateboard or Miami boards are good quality and value VESC 4s that should perform great 10s and under

OllinBoards is a high quality VESC 4 (great warranty + high quality soldering) and seems to hold up well to abuse (12s foc)

VESC-X is a slightly modified direct fet version of the VESC 4 that promises higher amperage - not a lot of info yet on it though

didnt diyelectricskateboard have a bunch of faulty vescs he sent out

That’s an imported china one

Hmm, I would image 90% of the components in anyone’s VESC are from China…and it doesn’t have anything to with the topic or that I recommended it.

If you are saying its not a quality VESC, then say so. I would rebut that I have 3 of them, all in use. I’ve only ever had 1 go bad and MEB (@oriol360) replaced within 2 days.

My experience says its a quality VESC from a quality vendor.

I think all but Ollin’s are imported from china. (he probably gets the components from China but assembles here). But there is a difference between Chinese designed and manufactured, and US/EU designed and Chinese manufactured.

I don’t think so? @torqueboards?

I don’t think all of them are Chinese imports. Enertion’s are made in USA, ollin’s and esk8.de are made from them. Those are just the ones you can buy on Chinese sites for half the price, I’m just saying that. I can’t speak about quality because I don’t have them, but I’m sure Miami boards has a great customer service, I’ve seem oriol on the forum and he’s always very kind. For 40 dollars more he could get the Ollin one, that’s also an improved version

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Where do you get vesc 6?

Signed up for the beta - ordered from Trampa yesterday. Cost was $190 shipped from UK to US. Excited to see what it can do, and finally run FOC on 12s.

How’d you get it for $190 when it costs like $300 on Trampa?

He gave the beta testers a code to get it for 175 GBP (145 GBP without VAT for non UK) + shipping. Don’t know what the final price will be. I think he just jacked up the price to discourage non-beta tester orders. Worked out to be 190 USD shipped.

Thanks. Well hopefully it isn’t $300

My guess is he will sell it for a lot since he’s the only one with the design files right now. After the beta, Vedder will release everything since it’s still open source, and other companies will start making and selling it and the price will go down after probably a year. It was designed to be cheaper to manufacture, but with that CNC aluminum I’m not sure it will ever get down to $100 like the VESC 4. Time will tell.

Aren’t the BETA boards ready in slightly over a month? Where do you get the 1-2 weeks info?

So based on the replies it looks like the Ollin’s is the most popular choice. I’m guessing that getting the heat sink is a no brainer?

Check out Axle. They make a good one too, with a great warranty. Just got mine.

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Did yours have a heat sink? Do you have any images of it?

I read this thread and you already wrote the words that were in my head. LOL, almost to a T…hahaha. @calebm listen to @mmaner he had some great input on my first build just a couple months ago :slight_smile: