Timing belt length Boarddynamics-Dickyho mount - 12t - 36T

Hi there,

I’m wondering whether my belt HTD 320 5M is too long for my mount and pulleys. I have an old version of the Boarddynamics-Dickyho mount for Caliber trucks. I have a 36T wheel pulley and a 12T motorpulley.

I’m happy with the speed I get but when going uphill the belt seems to skip easily. Should I maybe switch to a 40T wheel pulley or get a shorter belt? Shorter belts seems to be hard to find. How much shorter should I aim for? The idler wheel is already in it’s bottom position.

Shorter belt.

Your belt is too loose

You should use 305mm belt with 12/36t combo on this mount :+1:

From EU i think its in Belgium.

Anyway its a legit store he is very helpfuli have made orders no problems.

Thanks! Just ordered there yesterday. They have shipped already. Seems great!