Timing belts EU

Anyone got a EU seller to buy some timing belts? I only find some oversea sellers :slight_smile:

Google for germany and HTD5 265 9, htd 265 12, htd 265 15 if you have a basic setup from here

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Still not really finding it. Also the oversea factory is only selling the 265-5M-12 with 53 teeth on the belt. Enertions belts have 55 teeth on it. If anyone find a good eu source please let me know :slight_smile: Worst case is ordering oversea and pay import tax.

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Im buying everything from https://www.zahnriemen24.de

they are really great and have basically everything!


Can’t seem to find the 12mm anywhere actually. in EU they jump from 9mm to 15… Hard to find the 265mm length too. Do the teeth actually matter if the length and spacing is ok?

I have the same problem. Can’t seem to find the 12mm and definatly not with 55 teeth. I also don’t understand why 2 belts with the same spec have different amount of teeth.

You could try belting online or rs components?

Thx! RS components only offers 9mm or 15 wide belts. I need a 12mm. Belting online also offer 9mm and 15mm as standard but you can manualy typ a specific width. I will try this one. Thx for the help!

Cool. Got a mail from belting online that they have 12mm in stock so you just have to type in the field for the width.


I saw it too, but 20eur for one belt? Crazy With belting online you get 3 for the same price. Just saying :slight_smile:

Yeah, what he said. 20 euro’s for a belt o.O HTD5 is just fine…