Timing system DIY?

I am looking for a timing system. Want to start timing laps and distances from a to b. I have been looking and there are some good options out there. I have not yet fund one that does it all. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. And one big weakness is prices. They all cost what a good solid complete premium board cost. And then I thought, it most be possible to DIY. To make a simple timing system that is possible to operate one person only.

I have fund tow options. Photocells connected to a clock Witty tab. Or a chips with an active antenna connected to a computer Raceresults Both are interesting and very expensive.

I fund this Free lap which also works with a chip, and if Its only for one person it is substantially lower in price. This could be a good starting point even though the two others are more appealing to me.

Anyone here know of other systems that can be used, or have the knowledge to tell be if it would be easy and cheaper to make it DIY? If I choose to DIY I am thinking of a photocell option.

Fund this app: LapTracker If it works as they promise it could be a winner and for only $1.99 :slight_smile:


Was thinking the same thing. Must be a GPS based app that you can programme start/finish/lap points on… ?

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probably some sort of cross country lap app

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You can always use a laser based system and a photodiode to start and stop.

Edit. This idea works great but the downside is if some random object large enough crosses the path of light resulting in a false read. The same can be said for an IR based sensor.

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I like that, a laser pointer and a ldr connected to a arching and oled to read off the times


Nope the app works with the camera in the phone. Interesting and if it works… wow.

Laser… have not thought about that. That must be cheaper than photocell. If the app don’t work I will look in to that.