Tinned copper busbar

I’m looking for some tinned copper flat bar I can use as busbars on a high discharge battery, are there any suppliers out there that sell part lengths? My searches all come up with suppliers offering a 4000mm length… which is more than I need to build a couple new batteries :confused:

Might bite the bullet or go getto and start searching scrap yards? :scream:

(search: “copper flat bar” yields nothing…)

https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-copper-alloys/=1agfl28 ;D McMaster is my go-to for any random parts.


sweet they sell by the foot (300mm), I’m in Australia though bro :wink: shipping would be crazy, i’d prob. be better going to china? Austral Wright and Fulton Industries are not so amicable…

Cut copper sheets and stack them lolll

Ah, yeah. Country would be important. Let me see if i can find anything in Australia

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Neither of these companies have a normal checkout-cart system, but you can email them for a quote.

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trying to avoid having to make a thermal paste sandwich, I want something clean…

Going high discharge bro, need more capacity than that.

If you have some electrical/plumbing supply near you I would check there

Also Amazon…not tinned Online Metal Supply C110 Copper Flat Bar 3/16 inch x 1-3/16 inch x 12 inches https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y5RGBFV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_UJDhAb89FF7MX

There is a hardware store on the island, but if I go in there asking for something left of field… half the island will know about it next week, granted that is not actually that many people… but

there is like 1 person every square km or 2.5 per square mile on the rock I live on… it has it’s pro’s and con’s

Australian metals might work, but they tin/plate to order… might make small runs of 4 bars expensive?

sounds overkill. i forget exactly but remember even .02" copper foil is much better than the nickel stuff typically used for connections. basiccopper.com is good for me and could maybe be cheap shipping

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thanks Hummie i’ll check em out… I’ve got a 12s8p and a 8s12p I’m building, especially the latter will have some big amps. I’m really trying hard to build a battery with low internal resistance but also equal resistance across the p groups… the bus bars solve the problem of the latter :wink:

niobie i want to say is maybe his name, but he did comparisons of different materials and thicknesses on endless-sphere and its a classic guide that showed even pretty thin copper foil is really good. i forget all the numbers but maybe something with a bit of flex, like foil, is totally good enough for the amps.


Check with hbpowerwall @ diypowerwalls.com http://www.diypowerwalls.com/u-hbpowerwall

He’s an Australian and has copper bars, plenty of people there in Aus and might have copper

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thanks bro! chasing him down

Could you just use tinned copper braid? what amperage do you need? 1" is rated to 85A

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need bigger Bro…

I chatted with hbpowerwall, no help on the bus bars… but he said:

I have some pure ‘pure’ nickel from Amazon here 0.15mm I’ll probably never use paid $130 delivered you can buy what you like from the roll lol

If anyone in Au is interested hit him up :wink: