TIP about Preserving the Rubber Tires on your Hub Motor ESK8 Wheels

Hey Guys, If you are like me, you have had some issues with the Rubber Outer Tire portion of your Hub Motors.

For example, the tires for your hub motors are no longer available, thus, you would like to keep the Tires that you have in good condition as long as possible…BAM! I found something that might just help you out, Mane…It helped me out!

You see, I bought a spray bottle of “Armor All brand Protectant” from my local Auto parts store for like $7 bucks. I used the basic general all purpose variety of “Armor All” Protectant. It’s normally for automotive plastics and rubbers and fake leather vinyl, it helps all that stuff.

So AFTER I GET BACK FROM A RIDE, the first thing I do is wipe off my tires with some paper towels, put on a rubber glove, and spray my tires with “Armor-All”. I use my hand with the glove on it to make sure it coats every possible surface of the tire, sidewalls and all. Then I just let that shit percolate on the tires.

later on, like the next dasy, you might want to wipe off any drips if you put a lot of it on. and before you ride you might want to wipe off any excess if it still on your tires.

But I’;m telling you there is something about Armor All Protectant that refreshes your tires every time you put it on there. It “Protectants” them, if you will. And also, it makes them look black clean and shiny…Try it for your self…PEACE!

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Hi, i just read your topic here and what you are doing might look good for the rubber but actually it isnt so good as you might think. See products like that all contain a kind of softner/solvent while it might appear it looks the part you actually soften your rubber a tiny bit. I been working on tires doing repairs, retreading. If we are noticing tires are treated with such products they are automaticly flagged not fit for retreading. If you want to keep your tires in best shape after you used them clean them and apply some petroleum jelly(vaseline). A rubber solution always continues to cure thruout its life. I actually know guys who do superbike races that buy tires and keep them covered up and stored for another year at least. Vaseline does not react to the rubber compound, it closes the pores and sort of prevents the rubber from curing. And also gives some protection to UV-light, the biggest enemy for rubber. Al those products claiming to preserve rubber do look good when treated but actually do more bad than good as they weaken the rubber. Back in the days of the whitewall tires. Tire manufacturers actually wrapped every tire with paper that was coated with a vaseline solution to prevent them from drying out. The company i work for is a 4th gen tire repair center and we actually still have some tires wrapped. That been sitting here since the 50’s and they all till look just as they left the manufacturer…

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