Tips and tricks for a SUPER CLEAN enclosure

This is build number 2 for me and I want to do this as clean as possible. From grommets to waterproof micro usb plugs etc etc. Here is what I’m going to be looking at more or less

Thanks to @BigBoyToys for the picture (hope you don’t mind me using it).

I really like the idea of a push button on the top of the board like @Eboostin just did with his new board but I’m not sure how feasible it is with this deck. I want to utilize a micro usb plug built into the side of the enclosure for quick and easy tuning (not a huge fan of the bluetooth).

What are you guys using and how would you do it better the 2nd go around if you had to do it again?

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I like the idea of the micro usb panel mount socket. Just need to find them at a reasonable price and with dust/splash cover.

I got you covered for dust covers, however the search continues to find a reasonably priced USB extension with a panel mount socket, HobbyTronics do them but they work out expensive once you factor in the shipping:

This micro usb waterproof plug looks pretty good… just don’t know about the thickness as I don’t want it to jut out from the side of the enclosure far…

$17.50! it better be made from 24 ct solid unobtainium at that price

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After looking at it again I’m not sure that will work. to seal and attach like I think it will it looks like I’ll end up with about 1/2inch worth of that sticking outta the side of the enclosure :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks like it would be perfect for us, and it’s only $2, LINK.

And if you wanna get one from within the US it’s $5 but obviously far faster shipping. LINK

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Mini USB is way better anyway

…said no one ever!


Micro USB breaks constantly and is unreliable. I’ve never in my life had mini USB break or have a loose connection.

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Amphenol makes pretty slick panel mount connectors. Got few from Mouser:

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Fair point though most things don’t use mini USB, like phones because the connector is to big. But you know what’s even better than either of those connectors, USB-C! Can’t wait till it becomes more popular my phone has it and it’s awesome.

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Yeah but so does the mini, probably no more, no less. I cannot even remember how many of those small 2.5" HDD enclosures I broke connector on or it was constantly breaking connection due to contact issues. Not the most reliable connectors.