Tips for adjusting the motor mounts / tightening belts?

I recently got my Dual Raptor, and I freaking love it! I’ve been having an issue with one belt becoming progressively tighter and the other one progressively looser. I watched the video by onloop on assembling your own electric skateboard, so I get the general gist of how to adjust the motor mounts, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips / tricks to do this without disassembling the whole drive train?

I’d assume getting a better wrench would be a good step, mine’s too big to fit between the motor and the trucks…

Either way, I’m loving the Raptor and look forward to making a comprehensive review video over the next few weeks. Thanks for everyone’s help :slight_smile: -Chris

Use your hands, don’t use any type of lever or you’ll over tighten your belts.

Thanks for the tip! I went down to the makerlab nearby, it was super easy with just a wrench… Guess I wrote this post a bit prematurely haha Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Use loctite to secure your screws.

@VirtuallyChris use thread locker, use a good wrench, and don’t be afraid to take the hanger off of the baseplate if you can’t get a good angle. It can be hard to manipulate adjustable mounts with the whole drivetrain assembled. At least remove the wheels while you’re working on it.