Tips for noobs from Dr. E - be safe and patient!

I have built almost a dozen boards now and when I used to build my first boards I would just build it quick and ride. I would skip or hurry important steps like soldering the damn battery terminals tight and solid. Or not wait for my loctite to cure.

But doing that eventually made me break stuff, even break my ribs, and I just simply started taking my time building stuff.

Remember this board u build, if you go fast on it or hit something, you want it bulletproof. If any connectors disconnect during your ride you can fly off at 35mph. Even just 10mph is pretty dangerous but we talking fast speeds for skateboards.

So remember to take your time, redo your soldering if it’s not perfect. Wait for ur loctite to cure for 24 hours. The more u wait the better and safer ur board will be and hopefully last 5-10 years.

Quick video I made:

P.s. ALWAYS wear a helmet if your are going faster than 10mph. ALWAYS wear gloves, knee and elbow pads if you are going faster than 15mph. Remember your LIFE DEPENDS ON YOUR BUILD. I almost died few times already and burned down my battery pack from shoring.

Don’t go too fast, you WILL KILL YOURSELF. Always go 80% of your ego.


Good advice electronics need time and attention to work properly. I hope you healed up OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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FIxed that for ya…

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Lol I actually don’t wear helmet for slow speeds. I think it’s fine because u r going fast but for noobs yes, full gear at all times. Going at slow speeds, you don’t ever fall on your head, mostly elbows or hips. Maybe get elbow, knee, and hip pads.

Only Fools talk in absolutes. I’ve witnessed experienced skaters fall flat on thier face or even crack thier head at less than 5mph. And I’ve definitely seen some eskers fall on the back of thier head just accelerating too fast.

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True but I have really only seen noobs fall on their head. It’s hard to fall on your head if u know how to use the remote and lean forward.

And the title of this thread is?

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Point being this thread is titled as advice for noobs. Noobs should always wear a helmet bottom line no argument.

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Agree just wear a helmet. And some gloves.

Lol sorry I forgot about the title for sec. Just wear helmet and gloves. But definitely elbow pads, knee pads too. They have hip.pads you can wear could be good for older folks.

Or some technical malfunction that makes your board accelerate or full break…


Or a noob who keeps holding down the accelerator even after falling. :joy:

Good set of e-skate gloves


Good Helmet

my raptor 2.05 keeps throtling and im not sure what to do somtimes im going 50kmh and others im going 10kmh

I had to reconfigure everything in vesv tool ( got the flipsky vx2)

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I just switch back to vx1, simpler but works out of box.

worried its about my temp settings, i read somewhere that to 2.05 needs a 140c cut off, but the vesc tool limits me to 120 and when my bored gets their it just crawls

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I recently crashed at 32mph with concussion, woke up at SF Zuckerberg trauma center(hospital donated by facebook) My helmet saved me but i should use better one.

The funny thing was, I literally blackened out with my head impact and dragged my whole body on asphalt at 32mph until i stopped. My gear helped me but I still had a fractured elbow. Lesson learned, always use FULL face helmet(moto helmets) and paddings.

Glad you are ok… a full face helmet is a must for anyone going high speeds. My face still has the scare to prove it. Also try riding slow when trying out wheels and other components. Ease in until your comfortable and sure about said part

Heal up and hopefully this doesnt stop you from going fast!

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never fren!