Tire pressures. For real?

I have sunmates. They are rated for I believe, 30 lbs. I run 50. They have not popped. I theorize, that all tires can handle far more than the rating. Now I dont do jumps, or hit curbs etc.

Miles covered, is greatly about tire pressure. What do you run YOUR tires at? And do you pay close attention to the rated pressure?

I know that much of what your wheels will allow is the hub, which in my case, is machined aluminum. Many have plastic wheels.

What is the current high pressure anyone is running, and with what equipment?

How does pressure factor into how long the tires wear? Traction and under what conditions? How much comfort is compromised, by high pressures? And is close weave of fabric in tire a factor?

Is high pressure any danger to going fast?

Also, what pump are you using, and how do you set pressure, when if you remove pump, it loses much of the air? Since they are so small tires? Shock pump? Regular?


To high uneven tread wear. To low unwanted drag. Too much pressure when you get a puncture you get a blow out. Air compressor, I’m lazy. Tire gauge, because everyone that has tires should have one, doesn’t matter what tires, check your pressure people. Fill passed your desired ammout, drain to level on each tire. Should be good.


I just pump mine up until I can’t push them in with my hand, my guage says that’s about 8-12psi over the rating which I’m comfortable with. sometimes on large hills where I’m riding alongside traffic I let some air out. pump it attached to the underside of my board so I can just refill at the bottom. my tread wears down mostly in the middle but haven’t had problems from lack of tread yet.

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If your tread is wearing down “just in the middle,” then you are running to much.