Tired of opening your enclosure to change Vesc settings?

So I got tired of opening my enclosure all of the time to switch settings on my vesc. I searched around the internet and came across this mini USB connector.

Really easy to mount and pretty cheap through Amazon. It can be found here



That’s exactly what I’ve done :smiley:


I’m was going to do the same to both of mine but they are pretty much set it and forget it. Do you guys use them that often?

I like this idea but I spent ages trying to find the same thing but with a water proof cover. I came up with nothing. Anyone find a waterproof solution?

GREAT idea! I love how easy to mount it is with those screw holes. Buying one.

I did something similar except I used the standard USB cable. so I have to use a USB extension to plug it in.

I did the same thing with my VESC. Except I bought a Mini-USB male to Micro-USB female adapter. Now I can charge my GT2B and program the VESC with same cable. Nothing uses Mini-USB anymore…

I bought waterproof Micro-USB plugs on eBay from China. They were a $1 for 25

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That’s double the price and not as clean.

lol, ok dude.

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You came into someones thread and posted a link to your own thread. No words, and no additional input. Pretty sure that’s called hijacking.

I pointed out that the solution listed in your thread wasn’t as easy to mount, or as clean. Now you seem upset. I must be missing something here?

I saw it on youtube by someones build log. After 2 months i found myself wanting it, but couldn’t find the video anymore. So, it is out there somewhere :pensive:

It’s not a duplicate thread, the connector in this post is completely different than what you posted…If you believe they are the same then that’s part of the problem. I knew you thought this was a duplicate post and i knew that’s why you posted a link your thread trying to insinuate this was a double, however, you are wrong

Plugging a removable cord into a permanently mounted setup IS NOT AS CLEAN. This is the equivalent of running an extension cord to an outlet in your garage…The connector in this thread is a 1 piece setup with mount holes already installed… But anyway, believe it or not, I did not come here to argue about which one was cleaner

How is posting an observation being a dick? I made an observation(a correct one by the way), and you deiced to call me a dick.

You sure about that? Because it seems like you’re the only one upset here

Calm down, dude. It’s a USB cable…

Show me where I got upset? I was having a discussion about the topic at hand here. Until someone responded with “lol, ok dude”.

Can we get this thread back on track. No one gives a shit who linked what or when.

This connector is an great idea. Its small and meets the requirements. @Fiori did you ever find a way to cover this plug so it doesn’t get dust and crud into the port?

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Here’s the micro USB version if anyone is interested… https://www.amazon.com/Micro-Female-Extension-Screws-Charge/dp/B072FG6R66/ref=lp_15622511011_1_1?srs=15622511011&ie=UTF8&qid=1505944519&sr=8-1


No I did not find anything waterproof. However, @smurf found a pretty cool waterproof connector he post a link(http://m.ebay.com/itm/USB-3-0-Panel-Pass-Through-Female-Industrial-Connector-Waterproof-Data-Power-/1222580535145)

I did find these that look good for dust and stuff though:

I wasn’t able to find a waterproof solution so far. I was thinking about putting some tape over it lol.

Thank you for your valuable input on the topic at hand