TJBoards custom build TorqueBoards components

Just sharing my latest build. I have built three boards now. My goal was to build a board that was easy to charge and fun to ride. The first two builds were from some of our standard production decks. I am not including pictures of the first two builds in this post. The first build was made from all TorqueBoards components. A 6355 190kv motor and a 13T/36T drive kit, two 4500 mAh 30c Lipo batteries and two TorqueBoards enclosures. Range was good at 12 miles and top speed of 15mph. Wanting to achieve a little more speed, I switched to a 16T/36T drive kit and acheived 17mph for about 12 mile range(16 mile range with my 90lbs daughter riding). The second board, I changed to a 6355 260kv motor. This gave a range of 11.7 miles and top speed of 21 mph. The problem with these setups was having to charge the Lipos one at a time and having to remove the enclosures to get to the batteries. My goal was to build a board with a top speed of 21 mph and make it easy to charge without having to remove the enclosures. One that I could just plug in the board and charge. So I finally designed a board from scratch. New deck and custom vacuum formed enclosure. I built a DIY vacuum forming machine from plywood and a shop vac. I have happen to have two CNC router tables in my backyard for my business. This allowed me to model a form for an enclosure. I wired it up so you can charge the board without removing the enclosure buy just plugging into the XT90 port and the balance lead on the enclosure.The final configuration is this:

9 ply maple drop through deck Deck dimensions: 38.00 “x 10.25” Wheelbase: 30" Thickness: .625" Concave: .5" Trucks: Caliber II 184mm 50 degree Wheels: Kegel Orangatang 80mm 83a Bearings: Zealous with built in spacers

Powered by two Zippy Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 40c batteries wired in series as one 6s battery TorqueBoards 6355 260kv motor TorqueBoards VESC 4.18 TorqueBoards On/Off switch TorqueBoards motor mount TorqueBoards 16T/36T Belt Drive TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano remote

Custom made ABS vacuum formed enclosure Top speed 21 mph and 12 mile range.


Hi I’m building my first estate. I bought TB 6355 260kv. I like what you’ve done with this build. I’m trying to decide if I should return this motor for a 190kv 6374 or if I can make this work. I live in northern Utah so uphill climbing is more of a concern than speed. What has been your experience?

It’s been awhile since I posted this. I have since built three new boards with the same components. The 190kv will have more torque for sure to help you up the hills. My 100 lbs daughter said that she had a tough time climbing hills in TN with the 260kv motor. More batteries would help too. I hope that helps. IMG_1063 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1069 IMG_1075 IMG_1077


Big like for the angled enclosure in first post, now we’re talking ! Are these mold Kydex ?

They are ABS plastic. I made a vacuum forming box out of plywood, heated the abs on my grill and formed over an architectural foam mold that I shaped with my CNC router. The vacuum forming box is powered by a Rigid 5 HP shop vac.

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