To Build or Not to Build (beginner alternatives?)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been researching quite a bit this past week. I started out looking at the cheaper boards (Meepo, Wowgo, Backfire, ect) reading hundreds of reviews on reddit. Then I got curious and started looking at some of the better boards and realized my budget couldn’t handle a $2000 board… so then I made my way over to DIY. My budget has went from $400 to $600 to now around $1000 :grin:. The All Terrain boards really caught my attention because of my not so great streets near my home. I think I would feel safer on something with some bigger tires. And they just flat out look awesome! Plus I’m a bigger guy 6’5" 230lbs.

With that being said I’ve done quite a bit of reading on these forums and looking at other builds but I’m still a complete noob with all this DIY stuff. I’m not the handiest of dudes and some of this stuff looks pretty intimidating.

Right now I have a couple options for a AT esk8 ($1000 budget).

  1. DIY - $937
  2. Raldey Carbon AT - $1099
  3. Meepo City Rider - $719

I was piecing together a DIY last night and came up with this. I’m sure I’m missing things like hardware and other additional expenses. So any help or comments or suggestions on the DIY parts list below would be great.

Motor: 2 - 6374 170KV (Dickyho eBay) = $100 + $9 shipping Wheels and Drive Kit: (Dickyho eBay) Drive Kit with 15/60 pulley = $138.00 + $44.00 shipping Battery: 10s4p Complete Battery Solution (mboards) = $344.99 Deck: MOOSE Longboard Skateboad Deck 9.5" x 42.25" Drop Through Cruiser Maple (eBay) = $38.95 Enclosure: DIYE Electric Skateboard Enclosure (ebay) = $54.99 ESC: Dual FSESC4.20 100A (Flipsky) = $159.00 Remote: 2.4Ghz Remote VX1 (Flipsky) = $49.00 TOTAL = $937.93

Truthfully with this being my first board I’m leaning towards option number 2 (Raldey Carbon). I think it looks pretty sweet and I’m not sure if I could get my DIY to look as good as it does with such a little budget. The specs don’t seem too bad on the Raldey, but I know the DIY would have better performance (I think?).

I’m basically looking for a AT esk8 for around $1000 that can do at least 22+ MPH, 10+ mile range, and can get up decent sized hills with ease. If there are any other pre-built boards that you guys recommend other than the Raldey I would love to hear them? Also, what you think of my DIY?


Also, if I decide to go with the Raldey they have two different options for wheels 165mm and 195mm. I’m unsure which ones I should go with?

I’d put my vote down for the Dickyho pneumatic DIY, especially if you like making things and have some simple tools like soldering iron, screwdriver, and allen wrenches. Looks like you listed some good parts but IDK about that mboards battery, generally he hasn’t had the best customer service and just re-brands diyeboard shit. Realistically you should add another hundred or two on top of what you think it will cost to account for tools (if you don’t have them) and random expenses like screws or wire or something. All the little things add up quick.

Never tried the Raldey or meepo but the meepo but neither have pneumatic wheels so you’d lose a bit of comfort and all the good things pnummies have to offer like comfort and changing pressure for traction etc.

Being your 1st diy it probably would’t look as slick as the raldey or meepo but it’d have greater performance, upgrade-ability, and repair-ability.

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I don’t know if I would trust generic chinese motors.

maybe a sensor-less sk3 would be a more solid option for you.

I’ve got the Raldey Carbon AT w/ 195mm wheels and larger battery. The wheels aren’t air filled so they’re not quite as soft as they could be. I love riding it. I only weigh 145lb so it’s got plenty of power. When I go over rough grass it shakes my legs pretty bad, but on smoother ground it’s a joy. Remote is really cheap feeling. I have to clean out the gears after riding on grass, especially after it has been mowed (like soccer fields) because grass gets pressed into each tooth and it eventually will skip teeth when you give it throttle.

Thanks for the suggestion and the tip about mboards battery. I do have a soldering iron, screwdriver, and allen wrenches so I wouldn’t have to buy that stuff.

I figured my estimate was on the low end. I feel like I’m still not accounting for some things and I wont realize what I need until I build it.

I definitely hear you about the pneumatic wheels. Decisions decisions.

I will give it a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

Nice man! I’m actually favoring the 165mm wheels… I like the look better and from the sounds of it I will get a little more range from smaller wheels (not sure)? I’m quite a bit heavier so hopefully there isn’t that much of a difference.

There was a guy on Reddit who said they are coming out with a new remote soon and doing away with the current one. What version do you have? I had my eye on the Raldey v2… I guess they have 3 new upgrades 1. Motor mounted behind wheels. 2. 20% power more.(ESC upgrade) 3. Shock absorption Grip tape. Not sure if those upgrades would resolve some of your problems. Thanks for the info.

I’d vote for the Dickyho DIY too, good guy and decent parts. If you message him he waives the ebay fees & gives better shipping ranges. The diy will perform better & have the ability to self service. I’d swap some parts though:

  • battery mboards -> custom built from someone on forum
  • enclosure DIYE -> eboosted/bigben/psychotiller

With DIY you’ll likely spent more than your budget… :so keep that in mind :slight_smile:


I have the v.1. It’s about 2 months old. I’ve build a few other DIY’s and they were so much fun. It’s great knowing that if anything goes wrong, you know exactly how to fix it. The price was right on the Raldey, so I picked it up. I wanted something my kids could ride around on, too.

Take the DIY path. U will learn how to fix it if its broken. U will be “Upgrade future profh” I think Iu will enjoy it more. But my friend it will take time and it’s always something that’s missing that u need på order o fix or find.