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To build or to buy?!

Dont stone me!! :-p

I know im on a diy site but i want your opinion as i would love to build an electric skateboard but for some reason the good parts i want are more expensive then buying an evolve bamboo set up. I should say i live in NZ and there is practically no where to buy parts locally so everything has to be shipped and our dollar is bad compared to the usd. I have been looking at buying all the parts from aus as our dollar is very similar and my budget would be about 1k. I have the perfect board for it minus the trucks and wheels but every time a try price up a kit it comes to about $1200 so i think i might as well buy an evolve board as its been tried and tested but i would love to do upgrades later on. Any i deas would be great! Most of the parts i would buy would be from enertion so…

Battery - $559
vesc - $179
motor/truck kit - $482
controller - $110
All up $1330 aud

evolve bamboo -
$949 aud

i got the smaller motor so i can upgrade later on and i would still need to buy other parts to do my vesc, i have had a look at hobby king and thought about putting 4 x 5000 mah batteries together but not sure if that is out of my knowledge range or not, any ideas or help to bring the cost down would be great but still keeping the quality, thanks :slight_smile:

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You could use lipo batteries, that would bring the cost down heaps. They last about 250 cycles and lithium ion lasts 500 cycles.

The parts you have listed here ALL come from enertion. Enertion is awesome, but you can get a 6S 5000mah battery for $50, and you could use a 6s ESC for $60, and you could use much cheaper trucks and wheels, a $60 motor, and buy a motor mount.

There are ALOT of resources on this site for building CHEAP < $400 electric skateboards.
There are also a bunch of instructables and tutorials.

Not to mention ALL the resources on this site!

Now I also recommend that you read this article: START HERE | FAQ for DIY Electric Skateboard builders

And this one: Are DIY Electric Skateboards Cheaper? | The False Economy

Once you have done that, you can decide truly if you want to build or buy.

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Yes ive been through most of those but i dont want to build on cheap, i have only ever seen cheap builds or expensive ones, i went with that battery as its the one i would wont (or similar) to use when i get the extra cash to do dual motor set up. I dont want to go down the track and end up replacing all the parts. Unless i get good motors and vesc now and go with the cheaper batteries until i can get the slimmer ones as @lox897 has mentioned.

I was just providing some links to cheaper components. I built my first board for < $400. It’s a beast. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want the best you can get, its going to cost you. That being said, you can get a sweet setup that can go 20miles on one charge @ 30mph for the same price as you can get an evolve board. It really depends on if your willing to put the work in. The enertion battery is nice, but it is VERY expensive. You can get a 10S4P battery for $270 from some of the builders in the forum. You can also use your own motor mount system which will be much cheaper than the enertion one. I got a motor mount system for free because I put in the work and machined it myself. If you don’t have access to that, you can buy a motor mount, pulleys, and belt for < $90 and get a hq motor for < $70.


You can also check us out at www… I’m sure, you’d save a few hundred if not more.

But DIY will cost a bit more… In the long run, you’ll have a much more lasting board. From what I’ve heard from someone… Evolve isn’t selling their old motors anymore so if you need a replacement they are pushing you to their new builds.

DIY you can start off as a single motor setup and upgrade later on in the future to dual motor. We’ll always have parts for DIY and we’re here to stay.

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so true. New Zealand has literally nothing available locally. My total planned cost for a mono drive came up to $1300 NZD and for my dual drive plan its like $1800. I am just deciding whether or not I should spend that much :sweat:

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Is it not easy to get Australian goods from NZ? serious question. enertion is aus based

I have been on your website alot haha, you have some nice stuff but the currency and shipping cost from the USA really kills it, your dollar is alot stronger then ours atm :frowning:

Thats why i am leaning to enertion cause it is alot easier and the dollar is pretty close to ours atm.

i feel your pain! i have found this but dont know if it is a scam our not benchwheel in NZ, i felt like doing a 3 hour drive to have a look haha. The first few are $850

Currency is the same whether it’s AUD or USD if I’m not mistaken? Maybe I don’t understand that question. Shipping is flat rate $40 or free over $300+.

if i was going to buy something from the usa for $200 it would cost me $280 nzd if i brought something for $200 in Aus it would cost me $208 nzd and good to know about the free shipping :slight_smile:

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You’re getting the creative experience and the feeling of accomplishment that you built it, down to soldering the connectors and how you want to mount the parts. If that doesn’t mean much to you, I say just buy something and save the headaches.

Great. @Maxz thanks for the info.

Something that is $255 USD = $344 AUD

So I don’t see the difference?

The price wouldn’t change if it’s $200 USD it’s not going to be $200 AUD… Otherwise everyone might as well just pay in AUD.

Exactly, that less than $400 board above would be closer to $600 NZD then add int. shipping! Building a cheap 6S for a friend and coming in at the $700 AUD range. Only could have been cheaper with a welded mount, but couldn’t find clones cheaper with shipping than Enertion / DIY offerings.

I bought two yuneec ego a while ago. Ready to run stuff is great to get into the hobby. I love my yuneec and still drive it. You can always sell the ready to run board it on ebay if you end up not liking the experience. It should hold value better than DIY stuff.

However, if you want top value and performance, you have to go DIY. with a bit technical aptitude you can beat almost any ready made board.

That’s a good find. Would be a pretty cool board if it actually exists. No sign of it on trademe.

Sorry for the confusion but i was looking at buying the stuff in Australia cause it was most likely cheaper with shipping and currency exchange but some stuff in America is still cheaper then buying the Australian products i suppose cause there is alot more sellers. It helps alot more that you are free shipping as most things to get shipped from the US is expensive so it cuts the price way back.

Exactly and no website but he did say i was aloud to view before i brought it @brabbit as they are turning up Monday.