Tomiboiesk8 Integrated-decks and Holiday Sale!

I don’t think that I’ve posted anything about these here, but I’ve been working on an integrated-deck project, and I recently started selling them at my website

I recently added some new designs, made improvements to my old ones and I’m having a big holiday promotion.

As far as design improvements are concerned, my long board compartments have been lengthened. They can now accommodate a 16s4p 21700 battery pack. Also, all of the compartments on all of the decks have had their depths increased by a couple millimeters to 27.5mm. After a few 21700 builds on the decks, It was apparent that the extra space for wires and such would be helpful. Additionally, the lids are now backed with 1/8" FR4 fiberglass which is stronger and more rigid than the plexiglass that it replaced. FR4 is the same material used for PCB.

The “Puddin’ pop” deck got a redesign. There is more deck space now as well as a 1/2" drop to get the rider closer to the ground while also providing front and back foot stops. I’m really excited about the new design. I’m building a demo-board with elofty-style DDs right now.

Stained finishes are now available. I list eight colors on the website plus custom colors. There are 201 total colors for anyone that wants a custom color. You just have to pay for the can of stain. The stain is nice because it allows you to see the grain of the bamboo. Under the fiberglass lay-up, the stain finish is very durable.

Three new decks are now available. I added a mid-sized drop-deck and two sizes of AT/MTB/Carver decks.

I’m having some fun designing these decks and continuously improving upon them. Additionally, seeing what people do with them has been endlessly inspiring. I’d like to get more of them out there. Starting today I will be running a promotion for 20% off of all decks through November 27th. Give me a shout if you have any questions! :metal:t2:


What’s up I’m interested in a deck. Specifically the drop down with the blue 110 wheels on them. (The third pic from the bottom) 7147267611 text me

Thanks man! I think you’re speaking of the Pale-horse. You can find it here.

I’m running a promotion for 20% off right now through the 27th of November. The discount is tallied at check-out.