Tons of stuff for sale, [US] focbox!

Enskate fiboard hubs 50$

Crash trucks and weird 5065 motor 40$ Verreal enclosure, fits single stack 10s2p ![image|254x500](upload://olJ1uyF1zvmQ8EZgLi2xIgVS

Verreal enclosure image

Sector nine medium gloves with pucks 15$ ![image|666x500](upload://vNUm4E9Bb22XjAi0mnNJyYMe35s.jpeg

That’s about it, i can work on the prices. Shipping via USPS priority mail


that was a good read.


Hahha, should I lower the price

No idea.

But you’d do well in selling and trading artsy stuff to rich people.

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to anyone who wants, shipping is excluded but I can throw some mystery esk8 stuff in if you buy

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its completely unrelated but do you have any dual vesc/ hub escs for sale?

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I did have a flipsky dual 4.20 but I have it to a friend who just recently got into esk8, sorry

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heck, all good

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Bump, going to post other items I’ll be selling soon, don’t worry, they aren’t batteries


you’re probably better off listing this on your local Craigslist. Most people here know this board is chinese garbage.

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Agreed, the most value I see in it is maybe $40 or $50 for the deck and enclosure…the rest is kinda worthless in comparison

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$200 for a single Chinese hub drive is a little too pricey yeah. I have some friends that are interested in cheap Esk8 (it’s a gateway drug I’m feeding to them) so I’ll be watching this to see if there’s anything I can buy.gald you’re back home and your family isn’t too mad about what happened. Be safe with them batteries my dude

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Reddit item for sure


Hahah, I figured, was going to throw in a few vesc but screw it

Bump, added a ton of stuff

How much for the Verreal enclosure?

20$, bought for 30$ but shipping took a good month

Dimensions and material?

It’s some type of metal, it fits a single stack 10s2p-3p


Is it 6.5” wide or less on the outside?