Tons of stuff for sale, vesc, wheels, battery’s

Hey guys, bad news for me and esk8. My mom isn’t too happy with all my random esk8 stuff around the house and wants me to sell almost half my collection of stuff. For some reason I can’t upload photos so pm me and I’ll send pictures

Ollin Chaka vesc 4.12, 140$ image 7s3p battery, ncr18650pf from a yuneec ego 2, 70$ image 6s weird battery taken off a steez board, 55$ image

Crash trucks with motor and built in motor axle, 60$ image

Single motor liftboard motor truck, includes motor, trucks, wheels, 50$ image 1 set of light green abec 11 electric flywheels, 120$ image

And like 10 dc motors with esc’s 40$,

107mm electric flywheels 120$

All Items are priced excluding shipping


Rip. What you selling tho.

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Listed it all above

Anything that interests you?

Nothing unfortunately.

Bumpity hump, help me sell all this stuff so my mom won’t throw it away herself

you can upload pics now. issue is fixed

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US and A? 10char

I don’t mind shipping overseas but at buyers expense

Someone should take the Ollin VESC 4.12, is rock solid.

Bumping bump, bumpity bump, bump the bump the bump

Everything on this rack is also for saleimage image image image


What is 2nd from the bottom of the rack on the 1st picture? Any boards that may be good for somebody short as hell and light as hell?

You said your mom wanted you to get rid of some stuff…so you’re a “kid” where the heck did all these come from?! My parents were lame!


How much do you want for the kicktail deck only on the first picture thats upside down

The kid hustles man… seen him constantly buying and selling parts and boards… not his parents’ money either. I know for a fact he is constantly looking through Craigslist and the forum for deals


Modern day drug dealer. I used to do that with cellphones


30? I think that’s fair for the all the decks but shipping would be around 15$ in US

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It’s a sector nine deck with a ton of holes in it because it used to be electric, it’s deck is really stiff though

Interested in this one. Need better pictures…seeing that I used to hustle phones can I interest you in a better potato phone?