Tons Of Used Parts [US]

no no… i’m not leaving esk8. just realized it’s be better if i sold my working parts and used the money to build a new board rather than keep spending money fixing shit.

TRADING TERMS: looking for… sector 9 meridian 4.12 vescs

everything besides the sk3 motor pulley is for sale.

97mm Flywheel Clones (less than 10 miles) [SOLD] $15 + shipping Cosmetically Damaged SK3 (less than 10 miles)[SOLD] $40 + shipping Shredlights (front) [SOLD] $25 + shipping Paris Clone Hanger With ARBOR Mount (discount if you buy the motor too) $40 + shipping @akhlut X Things (universal) [SOLD] $10 + shipping Omen Dropship (alt graphic) + @psychotiller 405 Enclosure [SOLD] $60 + shipping

notes: the enclosure has a voltmeter, xt90 and xlr charge port mounted. it has a small crack on one of the holes that can be remidied with a washer.

the sector 9 1/4” risers ship free with the first order. I also have another paris clone hanger with a @psychotiller mount on it. i’ll post pics of someone wants it. I ALSO have a 10s3p 25r flat pack with what I suspect is 1 bad cell.


I want the wheels

shippings gonna be expensive. there’s already a guy that wants em, i’ll let you know if he backs out.

36$ already know it :smiley:

you really wanna pay $36 shipping on $15 wheels?

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send me the x-things, $14 shipped?

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sounds good. you already know my paypal correct?

received :slight_smile:

done and sent

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I want the omen and enclosure, got a local kid, friend of my kids, looking for a cheap entry.

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just the shredlights and hangers with mounts left!

oh yea, ive got 1 more Bluetooth module left too

Where’s my deck

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I’m packing it as we speak lol

Would pay like 50e just for the wheels here

Why? You like the color?

already sold unfortunately.

Probably because they are quite hard to get in Europe

I have a set of 97MM wheels in the post. I can sell them to you

I am still waiting for other stuff so I won’t be using them anytime soon

EDIT - They are black too :smiley:

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Damn you sold them for cheap

they’re not exactly high quality wheels :rofl: