Took a nasty fall... be safe guys (graphic)

sooo. last Thursday i took a gnarly spill off my board resulting in a fractured olecranon (elbow). going into surgery saturday (and im scared shitless).

the story goes; i had just excitedly installed my new 12s (upgrading from 8s lipo) pack onto my board after not riding since last summer. the new pack had to be put on a stiffer deck since my old one had too much flex. the only stiffer deck i had was much shorter. instead of ordering a more suitable deck, i was so anxious to try my new toy, i threw on my helmet and headed out the door, figuring itd be just a short ride and id be back soon. my board on 8s would reach about 45km/h on BLDC, and i had set up my board with FOC for 12s. i made it about 2 blocks from my house before i started braking at about 40km/hr (on the shorter deck than im used to), and the brakes were soo powerful the board twisted from under me, and i went flying, it happened so fast. left elbow out, road rash on my left hip, both knees, right palm, left elbow, and of course a fractured olecranon (which needs a plate and some screws to fix). ive never broken a bone and am scared shitless, but it was my own stupidity and it could have been much worse. anyone who doesn’t have full safety gear (elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and helmet), i ask you PLEASE get some before you learn like i did. I thought i was fine with my awesome looking TSG pass( which made it without a scratch…almost wish i hit my head instead lol), but look at me now.

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That looks like it hurts a lot… I hope you get better soon.

Wish you a good recovery. I had a wisdom tooth that was growing at 90* against the tooth beside it. it fractured while they attempted to get it out and the root stayed in my jaw. They had to drill a hole into the root so they could stick a metal rod in it and wedge it loose around my jaw…anyway what I’m trying to say is don’t be scared.


I feel your pain. Had the same accident few months back, fractured both my ulna and radius, and needed to put a plaque inside. Same story, new board, 12s inside, with Enertion drive train, shorter board, stronger brake, slipped under me, fell on my wrist, broke everything…

Stay safe, and no worries for the surgery, they know what they are doing :wink:


Wishing you fast healing man. If you pump money into quality gear it doesn’t feel as clunky and you are more likely to wear it

You already have the good helmet

Look at POC gear for knees/elbows


Holy shit that looks bad Nice that it’s not worst ! Get well soon dude

Holy F that looks bad! Am i glad mine was only the lower part of the elbow. Did not even change colour. The advantage of surgery is that as soon as the scars from the operation are healed you can start with therapy to regain movement. So it looks crap now, but in the end it might take you less time to be fully back on your feet.


Wish you get well soom! Ill get some pads soon haha

That really sucks, here’s to a speedy recovery :weary:

thx for all the positive vibes everyone. the surgery went well and now I’m on the long road to recovery.


Welp. I’m inspired to get body armor to add onto my full face helmet now…hope you recover fast and as painlessly as what is possible dude.

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me too man, haha

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Get well soon! Glad the surgery went without any issues.

What do people think of the motox padded suits with elbow guards and spine protection that you can wear underneath a tee shirt?

I already have wrist guards from snowboarding setup and a bmx helmet (which I am hoping to swap out for a full face fox or ruroc setup)

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:+1: 10chars

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Thanks for dropping a brand dog.

Thanks for sharing the cause and photos it will keep everyone thinking before riding.

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post op pics coming tuesday hopefully after i get this damn cast off

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Maybe try an armored hoodie.

I think @sender fell with his on and said it helped quite a bit, he was wearing the lazy rolling one. They are quite expensive!!

TSG also makes some insane mountain bike armor that looks like it would be the best upper body protection possible.

here are the pics i promised. Staples came out(it really hurt, i almost passed out lol…i didnt eat anything since dinner last night so they said thats why) doc said my arm looked good, put it in a new cast up to my shoulder, then next week i get the cast off and start moving it.

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