Tool and Firmware for Focbox X

Hi I was interested in understanding what tool and firmware users of Focbox -X are using and why?

BLDC Tool?, Ackmanic, Vesc Tool? Also what firmware have you installed?

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hows that build coming?


Which one? working on 4 builds today lol


I Use Ackmaniac 3.100 FW on my focboxes. Why? Cuz its the best freaking FW for an esk8.

Never going back to stock FW or any other that aint using wattmode.


I have used Ackmaniac as well as setup FOC control, can you provide details on wattmode or direct me to a discussion, NEWBY.


Also waiting on arrival of hall sensor cable to hook up TB 6437 190kv dual motor, the configuration I have with 10p5s requires the board to have a little shove to get moving…I would like a smoother start from standing acceleration. Is there a setting to tweak outside of the motor wizard and Input wizard setting to refine sensor less FOC.



Not really. You need sensors.

When the motor is sensorless, and not moving or moving at a slow rate there is not enough Back EMF voltage to let the controller understand where the motor is at in rotation relative to the phases.

So sensors… Or push start sensorless.

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Im no expert but i can tell you that the stock fw was no good for me. With ackmaniac i was able to accelerate fast out of corners with full control. The remote now does exactly what i tell it to do, before with stock fw it was more like a on/off switch when i accelerated.

Im running bldc and sensorless.

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I will try setting up BLDC mode and see what the difference from FOC is…

Thank you for the response will install sensors when they come, do you run BLDC or FOC sensored?

From what i know FOC is smoother and more quiet. BLDC is not as nice as FOC, but i use BLDC just to keep things safe.

And i like the bldc sound , its great to make people move out of my way :slight_smile:

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I run FOC sensored…