Tool recommendations

Post tool recommendations for mechanics. My contribution is the auto-punch, impact screwdriver, and scotch brand blue masking tape.

I use the tape to layout my drill holes, deck reshaping, and any other need reference point.

I use the autopunch on all the spots I plan to drill so my pilot holes have a spot for the bit to grip. I also use it because the punch marks once made don’t rub off.

Impact screwdriver, does wonders on striped bolts, and seized fasteners. I’ve personal removed a nearly stripped 100 year old flat head screw with one. Good tool.


This is a rad set of tools. They are called tap and drill guides. You can hand drill some pretty tough angles with this guy. Good for square and round stock, Just clamp it if you can to the work piece and drill or tap your hole. Makes it easier to tape holes because it give the tool head some support.


These are very handy for transferring hole centers.

These are perfect for boring clean holes in wood decks for mounting switches or thread inserts.

These are perfect for boring clean holes in ABS, fiberglass and Carbon enclosures. Great for accurately enlarging holes in wood.


Great Idea for a thread bro!

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Thanks dude. Looks like a lot of people here are just learning how to make stuff go fast so I’m just doing my part.

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Don’t know what to call this, but I always call it a “third hand”, and it’s real handy when your soldering. I really don’t know how I soldered with out it.


That’s what we call a “Helping Hands”. Definitely a must have.

dude love the third hand, i also saw some nice jig’s for holding xt60’s very cool =)

Well if we are starting from the basics - wire stripper - amazing tool, MUST have for everyone!

Multimeter - Will save your ass many times! Essential for any build! I recommend this basic model from Sparkfun - very amazing quality and specs for the price!


My favorite “tool” :smile:


ball end T-bars

whaaat… XD


Good one, if your using wire chrimps then you need the right tool to chrimp them one. Otherwise it just looks ugly and the connection can go wonky.

helps if you suck at soldering like me

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Gonna use this the next time i strip something at work



Weller WD1

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dude jealous as fuuuu!!!

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LC meter to test for shorted windings.

Sinometer VC6243+, An L C Meter Dedicated to Measure Inductance and Capacitance