Top/Above Deck Mounted Motor: Would it work?

I am going to be building my first esk8 this summer. I am playing with the idea of a top-mounted motor; I’ve done my searching and nobody has done it. I’m not talking about rear mounted like on a drop-down or a mountain board.

My thought is to mount the motor directly above the rear drive wheel, and the belt or chain would run vertical.

I have three longboards and a cruiser to experiment with. I have loosely decided on these electric parts: – Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv Motor – Turnigy k-force 120a-hv ESC – Fifty or so 18650 Li-ion 6000mAh batteries from eBay

I really would like to build my own mount, but I’m not sure if my top-mounted design would work. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks, and safe skating!

You’ll likely trip over it no? Why not just off the front or back? No 6ah 18650 exist. A scam. Get known cells Get the vesc. By far the best and could’ve cost double or triple what it costs

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Maybe… I can’t see myself tripping over it. My feet don’t move when I’m riding. My concern about underneath is potential damage from entering/exiting driveways. From what I have read the vesc has had mixed reviews. I will continue searching for a known-good used one.

As for the batteries, I guess I am just trying to be cheap. Off brand 6s 4500mah lipos are $45 each. And I would need two. Even if they are mismarked 3ah that will be sufficient as I would never ride more than a mile or two from home.

the VESC is simply the best one there is.

I agree about the VESC. If you follow the known quidelines from this forum you shouldnt have any problems.

If you are searching for cheap cells and are located in the EU, NKON have some pretty cheap LGHE2 cells at the moment. They are 2500mah and can deliver 20a continuous. As I remember the samsung 25r should have a slightly better diacharge curve though.

VESC it is then. I will be going with these cells: 50 Lot: 5800mAh 3.7V 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery $30 shipped:

I want to bring the thread back to the top mounted motor. Is it a good idea? Bad idea? Nobody has ever done it and I think it would be fun to experiment.

Any cell greater than 3500 mah are fake. Not to mention there is no way you will be able to get the amps you need. Buy from a know source. Samsung 25r are cheap and 20 amp continuous.

Do some research and look at other people’s builds.

I just don’t see any reason why anyone would like to top mount their motor. Not sure if it will even fit.

$30 sounds better to me than $200. 50x SAMSUNG INR1865025R GREEN 2500mAh 20A HighDrain IMR Rechargeable Battery

I understand that you get what you pay for.

The reason is to prevent possible damage while entering and exiting driveways. I can’t mount it underneath. I guess I will mount it behind like the drop-down folks do.

You’d be better off throwing a $20 bill in the trash. You’d still be $10 ahead than if you bought those $30 batteries

Those batteries will not be able to provide anywhere near enough amps. They’d don’t list a discharge rate (bad sign), and the batteries literally say “low discharge rate” on the label

Okay. You have more experience with Li-ion than I do.

Back to the purpose of this thread, Is an above deck mounted motor possible? Has anybody ever tried?

I’m reviving this thread because I’m also curious about mounting my motors like this. I just got my mounts from @marcmt88 and was thinking about mounting them this way. Does anyone see a problem with it other than accidentally touching the motors with my foot? I like the idea of not scraping them up since they’d be so low given that my trucks are setup drop-through

Gaps, cracks, frost heaves, braking bumps, curbs and lips are out of a job now.

Barberpole pin stripes on the motors.

Oh man those motors getting wrapped up in my pants at full speed would not be fun

This is something I’ve been considering since my initial design phase. Currently I have my motor (hobbysky 6374) mounted beneath my deck in front of my trucks, but I’m not liking it there as it’s already taken a few hits (after 3-4 hours of ride time) and I think one of my bearings may have been busted as a result. I think with a simple gaurd to prevent any pants/clothing being wrapped up by the motor casing, this is probably the BEST way to mount motors. (for this deck style only, as other designs would have more foot clearance problems).

Good work.

Yeah, honestly it just gave me a sense of security when going over anything. I didn’t worry about my motors ever hitting anything.

Just make sure that you have wide trucks and long mounts so that the motors and belts don’t rub on the deck while turning.

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