Top Mount Enclosure Redesign

Hey guys so here is an idea I’ve been prototyping for a bit but special thanks to @mmaner for really lighting the fire under my butt.

This is for holding a brick style pack on a top mount eMTB. My biggest issue with pelican/junction box styles are no customization in size and I don’t like them rubbing the inside of my legs.

The idea is to velcro (or however you prefer to mount) this base piece to the deck. PyramidEnclosureBottom

This top pyramid shell slides over the base and the screw holes align for a pretty solid waterproofing. PyramidEnclosureFull

The square base section (206mm x 206mm x 70mm) holds a 10s5p liion pack with a bit extra room for connectors.

The top pyramid section will be for my Unity, gauges, and whatever bells and whistles will fit.

The larger cutout hole is for a PG cable gland style plug. This will be attached to the baseplate section and will keep all connections waterproofed and managed. The U shape cutout on the top piece allows you to simply slide the top shell on and off without disturbing the cables.

Neoprene/vibration mats will be between all layers to minimize vibration.


Let me know what you think and if there are any things that could be added or I’m not thinking of!


I might do something like this on a build im working on.

Reminds me of my volcano :slight_smile: I’d be happy to share files with you or design to a specific size for your application.

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When i get my deck ill have an idea of the size i can use.

Sam’s gonna love it! birdhouse

I kid, I kid!


Ah man, those crazy Pharaohs had a solution for everything the ingenious ancients


Can’t help it today, just humor :slight_smile: nice work & good use of space!


Screenshot_20181231-211443_Instagram my sisters been using this lunch box on her budget build for a while now. she only recently changed to a different box from jaycar lol


Something that could be helpful to cover the hole where your cables come out.

Fits up to 10AWG, for 8AWG you would need to make the holes a bit bigger

Is it just strapped down or is it secured to the board some other way?

literally just strapped on with Velcro straps and foam between the box and deck

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I saw on another top mount thread someone using body posts and clevic pins to hold down their top enclosure. Good for quick detachment if needed. I prefer bolts myself

IMG_20190108_200825 IMG_20190108_200836 IMG_20181225_065818

:wink: did the same on all top mount mtb !

Nice! How will yo usee the stage for the ESC/Unity Rx etc ? Good continuation :+1:

Forgot about this until recently so I’ve been toying around at work. I currently have 152 cells nicely tucked in the pyramid. 4 more can certainly make it in there (sorry for whoever ends up trying to wire this shape) for a 12s13p pack :smiley:

If only I could afford a battery that huge…


Orange box is unity duh