Top mount Peli case 1200 questions

Peli 1200 will it fit 12s7p flipsky 6.6 duel vesc power switch 12v converter. Or will it just have enough room for cells? Looking at having everything in one box. looking at changing to a 12s8p will it all fit in one case?


maybe you can tell you didn’t really give us good questions to answer.

I was expecting 1200 questions this is just 1.

maybe tell us

  • how big the inside of that case is so we don’t have to google it

  • how you might want to arrange the cells (also if you would have them in square holders or glued together closely)

Pictures are worth 100 complete sentences.

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i do not have the cells or the box. im asking for those that have the case for a top mount to see what it will fit. i do plan on glueing the cells to save on as much space as possible.

Check out this…the seahorse… https://forum./t/top-mounting-cases-idea-2-small-vs-1-large/5036/14

oh this looks cool wonder if it feels uncomfortabole though being so big?

Its not that’s why I… Check the thread i linked if you didnt already… Also just wrapped this build for the most part… If you want to rear mount the esc so you don’t have a shit show of wires (and have a unity sized esc) this works…