Top Mounted Beast & 1st Build | Cantellated Tesseract or Poke | dual belt drive 6374s | 12s4p or 10s4p | 97mm Wheels or bigger

Hey guys, Im new but have been reading tons over the past couple weeks. Wanted to get some feedback and maybe see if anyone else has done a similar build.

I want a board that can rip. I want to be able to do super tight carving on a responsive deck (why I prefer top mounted) but I am running into issues because I want a ton of torque/range and I want to be able to commute on it so I want to run a big enough wheel to really reduce vibration and impact.

My preferences and experience is primarily based on tons of ride time on short boards. I have a boosted mini X and have ridden the crap out of it, but after a couple months just need more range (20ish miles min), want harder acceleration (at least 1.5X boosted board’s torque), higher top speed (ideally between 25-30mph), and a smoother ride with ideally 100+mm urethane wheels.

The tricky part… I MUST keep the kicktail. I send a lot of 2 ft drops around town and often pick up my nose to get over some gnarlier cracks/lips at speed. I have however considered switching to a more standard deck if I could utilize freeboard bidings or something similar and still have the ability to hit drops and lift the board… but I hate the lack of carve-ability a long deck offers ( I like a really small turning radius to be possible) so I am trying to keep the minimal wheelbase required to fit my electronics.

Because of my riding style I also strongly prefer front mounted motors as I don’t want to be clipping them when I use the kicktail, which I believe removes the option of using a double kingpin truck.

I mean in all reality you don’t really need big wheels just California urethane. You can probably get some

Caguama’s and those would work great.

As for the question

I would just go duel drive with smaller motors 12s4p and 85mm wheels in 77a the (Tesseract is fine) Reverse mounted with a cage or front wheel drive. Also get a vesc rated for at least 50amps

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here is the parts list that I am currently looking at

Motors: X2 ( ) Or? for more low end torque?

Deck: or or or

***but I think the poke’s/overland/omaske 20in wheel base is probably too short for motors with a 4p battery? So maybe id be better off with a vanguard or drop-through deck and just using bindings? Or maybe I could just use a double stacked battery to shorted the required wheelbase?

ESC: ( ) $240

Battery: or I’m fine with 10S as long as acceleration is still at least 1.5X that of a boosted and I can pull of the 20 miles range with 110mm wheels. I figure Ill have to gear the pulley system down from the normal 16/36 that is standard…

Wheels: I don’t know if its totally absurd to do a wheel this big top-mounted…but its what im hoping for. I have seen the 110mm boosted wheels on a mini X but I don’t know how the ride performance is…

Trucks: or If I ended up having to do a rear mounted motor set up?

Or any benefit with instead going with the caliber II’s instead of the torque board trucks?

Ok thank you! I currently run caguama’s on my mini x and I like them, but I feel like for a longer ride at higher speed I would really love a bigger AND softer wheel. But honestly Ive never ridden a setup with 100+mm wheels so I dont know if it would actually be a noticeable difference

any reason for smaller motor? from what ive read, it seems like a 63mm motor is what i want as far as torque demands go, and I just figured if I am gunna run a huge wheel that a 6374 would be better than a 6355…

FlipSky has a good chance to die and they are terrible about replacing them, MBoards has a substantial chance of flat out not a arriving and a very high chance of killing you with fire or just going dead…just saying

TB218 is not necessarily better than Caliber II as long as you have small enough motors

If you want, you can buy everything from Torque Boards and you’ll get much higher quality, if you want some cheap parts I can help you with the drivetrain

P.S. try going here instead

good to know! So who would you recommend as far as complete battery with BMS included? I honestly just want the best performing 10s pack I can get in a 4p or 5p configuration.

Also as far as the VESC I though either this or the the FOCbox is the way to go and I don’t like that the foxbox is discontinued. I have heard a lot of good things about the hobbywing esc and that it is very smooth on the power delivery.

Do you think the hobby wing would be a better option? I just want an ESC that won’t bottle neck power output and will be smooth

Hobbywing sucks for custom builds as you cannot customize anything. One time I ordered mboards Hobbywing for hub motors. Turns out it only works for direct drive. Hobbywing is permanently programmed so unless you have exact specs programmed it’s not gonna work well.

Honestly the ESC game is kind of in shambles right now, there are good ESCs but they are no longer in production (FocBox, Unity, ESCape), they are expensive as hell (Trampa), or they are not available yet (TB6.2, StormCore). You can obtain a HobbyWing ESC from some places like OwnBoard but they are not very powerful to be honest and they are not programmable so you need their motors and remotes. You may have some luck with Boundmotor/ESK8Supply or MakerX (although they are not the best track record)

For the battery, go to Metroboard…they sell batteries at a great deal

I mean it’s slightly better to get bigger wheels but the added bulk might not be worth it also you would lose Torque going bigger. And if you keep your wheels they would be happy on smaller motors no need to go bigger but if you want you can go bigger on the motors.

ok, well maybe ill stick with a smaller wheel. It would certainly make the build waaaay easier to figure out as far as deck and trucks go. I was thinking that the 6374 motor and a 12s4p battery would make it possible to still have plenty of torque even with a 107mm wheel. If i really needed to do a lot to conserve the torque i wanted i could even change gearing and go 14/38 on the pulley system

what cheap parts do you have for the drivetrain?

At this point I think im either gunna do a 10s4p (from metroboards) or a 12s4p from somewhere to be determines, and go with the torque board trucks, motors (6374), and motor mounts.

but Im still reading up and trying to figure out what to go with as far as pulley ratios and best belt options for the abec 107mm wheels and best deck