Top or bottom? Where do you prefer your enclosure

I recently mounted my battery enclosure on the top using a short board and i may have fallen in love. I was never a fan of shortboards but a single 6374 focboxed 10s may have changed my mind!!! I had it mounted underneath before but i had a deck which was to low to place a battery underneath… since then if i can place it on top I will.

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Pics or it didn’t happen


image image


I’m gonna do that so i can build Anyone wanna donate some cheap hub motors? tumblr_m1227rqVPD1rs0tm4o1_500 maxresdefault slammed-lowrider-skateboard-build-0001

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Bottom, you filthy heathens.



ooooook @ InitialDriveGTR :joy:

Kidding, but it would be something for sure :face_with_monocle:

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Bottom. I want my board to look as stealth as possible. despite the fact i blast up hills past pedestrians. oops

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is this question related to the purpose of the deck? Never ever I would go with a battery mount under the deck on a mtb. just too much ways to crash it.


Shh don’t speak of this. About to finish my arc V2 enclosure mounted under my mtb with 8" wheels.

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??? huhhhhh?

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ok ok… there is a way around :wink: get some metal cage to strengthen the enclosure, than I would maybe go this way :sweat_smile: but still, love my top mount boxes. Didn´t liked the look before, but it´s just so much more practical. Especially as I take the Lipos out after each ride.

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woops sorry, didnt mean to directly summon you :slight_smile:

Shunk just posted some pictures of what I thought was something you made (in a good way, your innovations are always very cool :slight_smile: )

LMao The thought has crossed my mind… And thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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