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Top speed and efficiency

I calculated my speed, and it is this:
Top Speed
28.54 mph / 45.92 kph
Weighted Top Speed
19.97 mph / 32.15 kph

Is the weighted top speed accurate in real world? My understanding is that at such a speed load wouldn’t matter.

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Theoretical speed of the raptor is 26-27mph, and there have been people who have acheived that number, so yea, I’d say it’s possible to go the theoretical max.

Wind resistance and friction is a big factor at high speeds.

best way to find out is to get a speedo app for your smartphone, go find a long flat road, get in your tuck stance and burry the throttle. Be sure to tighten up your trucks first.

don’t forget to wear only speedos as well. you know… for less wind resistance…


and shave your legs too, it will give you an additional 3 HP


But only if they are RED.
This will give you instant 20% speed boost according to @longhairedboy


Its true. I also use red shrink tubing on my battery packs and red electrical tape wherever possible to increase performance in the electronics. I would highly recommend painting your legs red if you’re serious about increasing top end speed. And make sure you use a red razor to shave them first for the highest performance shaving experience.


And no problem if you cut youself, red is still good.

shave so hard you get cut everywhere and there is blood all over you.

SPEED and POWER is worth to sacrifice some blood to lord SKATAN

the power of Skatan compels me.


What percentage of ‘‘efficiency’’ did you choose?

I think there are people who get closer to theoretical top speed, especially if they are lighter and not heavy.

70 percent

Ok, already though so… Well, I’ve run the calculations for 2 boards/setups using data from what people claimed their top speed and setup were. The speed was way higher… something more like 80-90 efficiency…

But you should also ask around… as I still have not completed my build yet and cannot give any data of the real world situation…

Btw - I like to use this calc:

It also gives the ability to estimate motor rpm and motor amps (although, not so sure about the speed estimate)

i have always reached my theoretical 100% efficiency max kph (calculated with 36V) in slight downhill slope scenarios (talking 5% slope max here) and never fallen short more than 2-3kph on my theoretical max on perfectly flat ground.

example with my current vanguard: 10S single SK6374 with 16/36T & 90mm tires, theoretical max 45kph, FOC max on straights 41kph, BLDC max on straights 43kph!

The difference in max speed between FOC and BLDC seem to pretty negligible then.

I have those speed trap things that measure speed and flash it on a display to get drivers to slow down.

For me 80% efficiency is accurate TS for flat ground. 23 mph flat ground.

FOC/Ollin Vesc
R-spec 190
97 mm

could be the different voltage we use to calculate theoretical max speed. if I use 10S = 41.4V fully charged (in my case), my theoretical topspeed would be actually 52kph and then 43kph bldc topspeed is 82%. if I use 36V however, I got a theoretical max of 45kph and 43kph is 95%.

yeah I use the nominal average to reflect top speed during most of the packs charge.

It would be great to get full voltage top speed all the time.