Torque Board 6.3" pneumatic wheel issue again

Hi, Just curious if anyone has bought these yet? Unfortunately I did and I think I got a bad batch. They all seem to wobble side to side pretty noticeable. However, two of them have like 1/8" side to side movement. Im fearing that riding these are going to blow my bearings and tire tread away. I’ve attached some youtube links to the video of freewheeling them. What do you guys think?


@torqueboards you know what’s up with this?

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@Macinmoss I believe, you sent an email. We’ll go ahead and send you an email tomorrow.

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It’s been a few days? Can’t seem to get a hold of anyone as I just stare at my skateboard I can’t ride. ;(

Yeah, reach out now.

@Macinmoss Hey, the videos you posted are private, can you fix that? I want to see what is happening as I just purchased some and am waiting on my order.

They asked me to take them down. Basically the wheel hubs are warped and they wobble. I explained this to them and they are sending me replacement. I hope it was a bad batch.

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I asked them to test the wheels before they sent them and this is what I got today in the mail. 4 more warped wheels that wobble.

Send them in and we’ll refund you.

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Jesus, those look like my sixshooters!!!