Torque board motor 6374 190kv (1) Maytech 6374 190kv (1) each 90$


Max Power: 3150 Watts Max Amps: 80 Amps Max Volts: 12S Max Torque: 3.57Nm Recommend ESC: 12S 120A-150A (VESC or 12S TorqueBoards ESC) Weight: 1 lb 15 oz / .87 kg SHAFT: Diameter 8mm, 32mm length, 2 flat spot w/ 3x3 keyway slot. Motor Wire: 150mm silicone 12AWG wire with 5.5mm Gold Bullet Connector Female. Wire configuration: Blue = A Black = B Yellow = C Sensor Wire: Standard RC Sensor Wire JST-ZH 6pin 1.5mm pitch Internal PCB with 120 Degree Hall Effect Sensors. Motor can be used with or without a sensor. Sensorless operation is most common. VESC Sensor Wires required to use with VESC. Wire configuration: Red = 5v White = Temp Blue = A Yellow = C Green = B Black = GND



ahh dammit…i told myself I didn’t need the bigger motors…these still available?

I have one of the TB 6374 190kv and a Maytech 6374 190kv image

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Hmmmm I want to do dual 6374s, not sure if doing 2 different motors on the same board would be a good idea or not.

Do you have any sets of 6374s you wanna get rid of?

I have 2 sets of the 6365 Maytech sealed 170kv motors. image

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how much for those guys?

Would it be that big of an increase from my TB 6355s? (I’ll be going 12s on this build)

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It has its benefits, little more toque, better startup toque in foc. Sealed so no dirt and debris. Water resistant. We order them at 170kv because it’s the middle ground for heat and braking. Witch is great with these motors. And not much more than the TB 6374.

The 6365 are 220$ shipped a set.


Following this, would the 6374 170kv closed maytechs perform even better with 12s?

Not sure if heat would be a problem on 170kv but maybe not an issue on 12s?

Yes you can run on 12s that’s what I tested it on. A 12s4p with the Maytech 100a esc. Over heating or higher temps were observed on motors with 190kv, 200kv and of course 220kv. Sealed does add to it. But it’s still under the recommended temp limits.


interesting I was expecting the 170kv to heat up quicker as its got lower kv/more winds on the same sized stators. Has debris or water getting inside the motors ever been a concern with the open 6374s?

True, I did as well think that going in to testing the sealed motors. To compare. They run like the evolve race star 5065 150kv (almost sealed) in bldc and about 5-7 degrees hotter in foc but super smooth. This was tested in central Texas heat and high humidity. And other factors are road temp and rider weight. As for debris I personally have had to shake out gravel after some hard slides and AT riding on trails and bike paths. Also we are tired of the red motors. So in terms of performance they are the same as it’s unsealed versions.


Our motors use N45 magnets, NSK Japanese bearings; Stator is stacked with silicon steel; stainless steel shaft, etc. If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to connect me. My e-mail address is [email protected]


Thank you for the information. It’s good to see Maytech rep on the firum. Especially for the iquestions on components of the units. I currently work with Eileen / shanghai office.

I think I’m going to pass for now…I’ve been upgrading parts on my build and I haven’t even gotten the board finished!

I’ll try out the motors I have and if they aren’t enough, then I’ll look more into upgrading.

Thanks everyone!

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is the torqueboards motor still for sale?

It sold this weekend. I have one 6374 Maytech 190kv left

Your motors should be priced better. You are missing out on a huge market share because of that. Hope you realize that.

The prices are decided by the quality. We use the best materials and workers are skilled and have much experiences. Before shipping, all products are checked one by one. The upper and bottom covers are made of aluminium alloy, middle cover is steel The static balance is tested well. NSK Japanese bearings Magnets is 45h sintered ndfeb magnet Stator is stacked with silicon steel Use high temperature and oxygen-free copper wire Stainless steel shaft High-temperature micro ball-bearing


I too, enjoy technical word vomit

At least I know whats in my motor now :joy:


@Maytech_Cyril, Thanks for the detailed information, it does instill a lot of confidence in your motors. I would definitely pay more if I knew for sure that they last a long time, however when I hear anecdotes that motors don’t last more than 2000km, I definitely don’t feel like paying a lot more.

I can’t say for others, but for me this is a replacement for public transport/car and I ride a total of about 200km per month. Even after paying so much for Maytech motors if it doesn’t last me a whole year then I would likely go for cheaper motors that people regularly use and are satisfied with.

This is what one user(@DerelictRobot) has to say about his experience with maytech motors in this thread.

I do realize that this is just one user(and his friend), so not representative of all Maytech motors, but it would be nice if you test them until failure under the conditions experienced by electric skateboarding and publish average life expectancy etc. Without that kind of information, not many are likely to buy expensive motors.