Torque Boards motors/VESC + FOC setup

Has anyone successfully set up FOC mode on their Torque Boards motors?

I have tried several times, and I get an error after Applying the settings as seen in the first screen below. It just keeps saying bad detection after moving the motor a few degrees in either direction.40%20AM 46%20AM

Are you trying to run motor detection or hall sensor detection? I had an issue with my motors when they were attached to my gear drive and wheel. I gave it a little spin and then everything worked fine.

I also had an issue with my hall sensor detection because my sensor wires weren’t fully plugged in.

Thank you for your suggestions! As soon as the epoxy I just applied dries I will check the connectors again. Good thinking - I have had the enclosures on/off repeatedly the last few days.

Right now I am able to run the “Detect and Run Parameters” screen just fine. On the screen after, the motors spin just a few degrees before I get a Bad Hall Sensor Detection error.

I found this video on YouTube, and this may also be the issue:

I will post back with what I find. Again, thanks for your help!