Torque Boards New Complete Longboards


Did he give you permission to post them? I don’t know if he wants to show them to the public just yet

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Yes I just asked him he said I could. Most of the pics are on his web-sight!

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great job Dexter ! can’t wait to see the battery holder on the Trampa.

Wow that stuff looks way better assembled. Great job man. I think there are a few more cool things coming soon too.

Thanks guys…


Would the 33" deck have an option for someone like me to use his own 12s3p battery and two tb 12s esc’s?


@i2oadsweepei2 Yeah, you could. The deck is listed by itself as well on our website. I’m not sure if the cut out will fit but it might. You can email me and do some measurements to let you know if it’s a direct fit.

The enclosure is 600mm long.

the 33" deck looks really cool, also accommodating 26650 cells with the enclosure, nice job :smile_cat:

Ya its a good time to measure. I’m putting those parts in now. I’m at 24" 609mm LoL and I can shave a bit by moving things a bit closer. That left 1/4" on the front end of the battery too. So basically perfect. I can lose an inch easily.

I would want everything less battery, charger, remote and receiver. Maybe more drop down menus?

Anyway congrats.

I see you have the motors and hubs on, Is there anyway we could get a pic with the battery pack inside? Would like to see how it all pairs with the hole in the deck.

Where did you get your abecs?

@torqueboards Impressive work. These are some killer boards.

I got them here in September. They are on sale again, but now they only have 81a. Mine are 75a.

wow it is my local skate shop… should take a run before any of you by them:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Awesome stuff Dexter! Looks great all together.

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@BoardSportsRN - Yup… $399 Dual Kit. Made in 7075. Click Here >> Mountain Board Motor Mount. Will come with (2) Motor Mounts, 3 Brackets, 1 Support Bar, (2) 72T Pulleys and (2) 12T or 13T Pulleys + (2) 430mm 20mm HTD Belts.