Torque boards or indeed any motor mount cheap cross bracing and idler solution

So after a few pm’s about the cross brace on my evo build I decided to share this with you all as I had it all apart for cleaning on the kitchen table. (sorry dear). Its a simple but effective idea using readily available parts you should be able to source locally wherever you are.
Here goes; You will need; 6mm stainless threaded rod -
10mm x 1mm (wall thickness) aluminium tube Local hardware (Bunnings) 2 x 8mm sleeved axles from a scooter 4 608 bearings and speed rings/washers Local skate/scooter shop

IMG_1119 Here it is installed in all its cheap ass glory IMG_1120 components IMG_1122 Scooter axle, you only need the female side. IMG_1124

All together for illustration purposes

Clamp your mount plates together on the bench and work out where you want the bearing to sit. This is important because stupid me drilled out for dual idlers and then realised too late that they were too close together but all good it works fine with single. Drill an 8mm hole for the axle to go through. Clamping them together ensures that the holes will line up perfectly when you assemble it all. Measure the distance between the inside face of your mounts at the trucks and then cut the tube to that dimension trying to get a nice square cut. This face will be sitting on the mount face so the squarer the better. Cut the threaded rod to the same dimension.
Then basically all you are doing now is bolting it all together with some blue loctite and tensioning your belts. Use a speed ring on the inside bearing, the one closest to the mount and you’re done. Anyone who has experienced tb mounts coming loose will love this. They stay rock solid and the torque from both motors will transfer to the road much more efficiently as the whole thing is now effectively one unit. Hope its helpful and to everyone who pm’d me sorry it took so long.


nice job man! im definitely gonna do this on my setup. I had one question though, what is the clearance between the idler pulley and the wheel? 41%20AM


Apologise my question, why do you need that bar? Motor mounts bending or better support for the idlers?

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@Indiangummy not a whole hell of a lot be honest. they are 97’s though if you have 107’s then just be careful when positioning the bearings. I have about 5mm clearance but 20mm play with where I could have drilled the hole so it would work with the 107’s edit; you can always use smaller bearings @anon42702729 with the reverse plates and heavy motors the mounts flex under torque. They all do, and this can eventually work them loose. Mine were slightly splayed after a while. Not loose but not completely straight. With a cross brace they stay exactly where you want them. Its really how all long mounts should be designed and I think that the new tb version will have bracing. The v5 does but it’s not adjustable.


Going to try this.

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Damn @dareno :ok_hand::+1:

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