TORQUE ESC VESC, shipping to Poland

Hi guys,

I’m completing hardware for my first build. Firstly I was thinking about buying cheap ESC, but reading this forum I know it’s not the best idea. I’m thinking about VESC, but there are very expensive, Maytech VESC has relatively good price, but it has not to good opinions. So there is also Torque ESC VESC (products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller) - however shipping cost to Poland is $40. So 3 questions:

  1. Is the TORQUE ESC VESC from a good choice?
  2. If yes, perhaps someone from Poland would like to make group order from (above $300 the shipment is free).
  3. Perhaps you could recommend other ESC/VESC with good price and low/free shipping to Poland?

Cheers, Pawel

Try to find an focbox in EU Trust me its worth it not to worry if it will blow up or something Climbing 20% hills without worrying is great!


+1 on this. It’s what I’m doing for my second build!

I understand, thanks for your input. However, can be VESC programmed to be safe also (for example slower/less efficient, but safe)? It’s not easy to find FOCBOX in Europe these days.

literally posted yesterday

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