Torque VESC problems

Hello all, I have just gotten off of a 2 and a half hour chat with torqueboards customer service about my vesc (note: this topic is NOT meant to bash torqueboards in any way.) not working correctly. When I plug the vesc into my PC everything will boot up nicely but when I go to run the motor detection test the motor spins extremely slowly (7ish rpm) before making a sound like one of the phase wires is disconnected. I have to voltage cutoff setting correct and the torqueboards 6s2p epower pack I was using was charged to 100% that whole time. Any help is appreciated because they do not offer any sort of warranty or repair and I have already gone almost $300 over budget :grimacing:

have you tried switching your cables up… could just have the phase cables plugged wrong…

Yes I have tried that, and everything in between. After the motor detection fails the red light flashes four times, does that mean anything?

after you get it to flash 4 times, go to terminal and type “faults”

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@Jinra ok I did and I got FAULT_CODE_NONE

Did you check your phase wires ? I’ve had this issue before and I figured that the phase wires coming from the motor were dismantled and fkd up… After resoldering it, it worked just fine

have you tried switching it off and on again? :monkey:

jokes aside; pls post a screenshot of you bldc tool motor detection. Could be a problem there, but mostly it´s the motor which is fuckd up in some way.

so I should resolder the phase wires coming from the motor or coming from the VESC? how should I go about doing that?

hell no! you should check if they are shorted in some way and if they are, isolate them properly If you have stiff wires, you could resolder flexwires if you want. But mainly check if they are shorting somewhere

oohhhhh, none of them are shorted, they are all protected with heatshrink

how long are your motor wires? Doesn´t look like somethings wrong in your bldc. You could try to rise the detection current up to 8A and try again.

HOLY CRAP!!! I fixed it, one of my motor mount screws was to tight :sweat_smile:

there you go! have fun riding :wink:

wait, but now to motor will do the detection test but wont spin when I use the arrow keys or the remote

after detection, hit “apply” then “write configuration” (that´s what people are forgeting about all the time)

yea I did that, still nothing :confused:

Do it again and reboot vesc. Otherwise you have a setting wrong

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Nostalgia is a bitch :sob:

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