TorqueBoard 12s4P, dual Focbox, dual Turnigy SK8 6354, Landyachtz Falcon 39'' (assistance, please and thank you)

Hello everyone. So i’m nearing completion on my above described set up. The last thing I need to do is install the two Focboxes and configure everything. This is my first time using the Focbox, so i’m trying to see what helpful tips you all might have as far as having the board run as efficiently as possible without damaging any of its components. The two motors are Turnigy SK8 6354s 140 Kv with a TorqueBoard 12s4p battery pack. I’ll upload pictures later, but just wanted to get this inquiry out there. I appreciate any assistance you might be able to give me.

This Video might help you.

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Is that something you’d recommend having? A VESC bluetooth module? From what it sounds like, you could adjust motor settings while on the go without having to open the enclosure up right?

Yeah, i just bought the Metr Pro, before that i had a bluetooth HM-10 module hooked up. Was the tutorial helpfull to you?

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It was, thank you. I’m still going to need to do some more research as far as what I can safely run through the FOCBOX’s to the motors without toasting anything, as well as how to configure everything for the road. I got hung up on him mentioning attaching the bluetooth module, and it seems super convenient as every time i’ve configured my ESCs, I have to open the enclosure, i’m just burnt out on buying more than I planned for the board, so trying to get things to where I want with what I have, though the idea of being able to configure settings from my phone in seconds seems heavenly.

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Man i feel you :joy: Just opened my board three times to tweak the brakes to my liking. Updated to @Ackmaniac firmware which behaves a little differently to the stock one. Take your time to research and do it carefully!