Torqueboard Trucks 218mm USED or NEW (EU)

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some 218mm Torqueboard trucks that anyone in the EU may have and would be willing to sell them. Whether new or used. Not very fond of ordering them from the US.

Have you tried here :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it. It’s out of stock. But even though, It’s incredibly overpriced. Torqueboard sells them 65$ the pair… = 57€ vs 107.99£ at StreetWing, supposedly at a discounted price from the original 144£?? That’s 164€ LOL I prefer getting robbed by a thief, at least he’s honest.


They are pricey, but import duty is a bitch.

i dont think you understand the economics of import. you will pay very close to that price by the time you add in all the costs.

here is what i pay on each set of trucks: purchase price shipping import duty vat handling charges forex fees international wire fees

then i must charge 20% vat for eu customers, pay for the packaging, plus the other costs associated with running a business in one of the most expensive cities in the world which include eveeything from accounting services and insurances to paying the people doing work for me


That might all be true. But the original costs 57€/pair and the same thing at streetwing costs 163€ the pair, three times the original price. That doesn’t sound right, even with all the taxes. I did a quick look at their site (streetwing) and most items seem way overpriced…

compared with where exactly?

let me do the math for you, this is what you will pay as a customer ordering direct from the USA:

Pair of trucks plus shipping to UK (as an example) $105 VAT @ 20% $26 Sub-Total: $131 / £101.59

Import duty and Handling (approx) £30

Total £131

Then as a business you need to add 20% onto the sale price to pay the govt their VAT, pack the order, use packing materials, pay a tonne of other stuff a customer never sees or thinks about to keep the lights on .

So please tell me why you consider this to be "dishonest and you would rather be robbed :roll_eyes:

Got mine straight from USA for 77€. Lithuania, Europe.


including shipping?


sounds like you were lucky and the package sailed though without getting hit by customs. I find on small packages everything from the USA gets hit. And if you are ordering large quantities of stuff everything gets hit from every country

Including shipping. Yes it literally shipped(by a ship). Took 5 weeks to arrive.

sounds like you had a result! Looking at the website the only shipping options are $40


Only it took a long time, but I am not riding during winter so whatevs…


wow, I need to look into getting everything imported via lithuania!

Haha, that site seems to have shitty calculations, but I paid 77.49€. :laughing:

I think it only works for people, not businesses.

PM me, I will see if the same method works for you.

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thanks for the offer :slight_smile: you may live to regret this once you can’t move in your house because of all of the boxes of e-skate stuff due to be forwarded :rofl:

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I mean I think it works in other countries too. :unamused:

try setting the country to UK.

you can use Fabric’s address if you need a proper address: 77A Charterhouse St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6HJ

It doesn’t work that way. Can you just PM me already. :smiley: