Torqueboard V4 mount desired motor center distance? Help

Anybody know off hand the “desired center distance” for the 63xx V4 mounts? Ordering some and need to order belts for a 15/40 gear set…thx!

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Use this to calculate

Right…what I need is the center distance…don’t have the mounts yet…:slight_smile:

I’m at 73mm but i think i can go to 76 max. Not sure about minimum though

Great that helps…thx!

I used 270mm with that gear setup. I went back to 15/36 and 265mm belts.

What size wheels with 15/36?

90mm on one board and 97mm on another. I just wanted to have my belts uniform, cheaper that way :grinning:.

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What motors and battery on the 97? Thx



Dual DIY 190kv and 10s3p 30q pack.

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Perfect Thx

i was pretty close!