Torqueboards 12s enclosure - how rigid is it?

not sure if this the right section of the forum… but anyways…i was looking at their 12s enclosure for my build…only doing a 10s but like extra space.

Im using a blank from skateshred and those boards have a solid concave on them. Was wondering if any knew if it will flex and mold with the curvature of the board or not?

I know i could gap some of it with that foam weather tape, or some sort of yoga mat style foam but trying to avoid huge gaps down the side.

I tried forming kydex and its decent but not a nice looking and trying to make a final call here before I drall all my hole and lay the grip tape.



It’s pretty rigid but should flex a bit depends on how you mount it. it’s 4mm thick ABS. I wouldn’t put it on a flex deck though.

It has a slight curve to accommodate most concaves. I typically screw then down, but very tight, use a heat gun on the middle then press both sides. Makes for a perfect fit but there is a fine line between enough heat and too much. Too much and you get a burnt enclosure, so be careful.

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Yeah I was considering that…a lil bit of heat gun magic to soften the middle and help forming… But didnt wanna do it with consulting the forum first =)

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Also consider some.1/2 foam sealer tape. Covers up a lot of those pesky fitment issues.

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What options are there for mounting beside securing it to board one way or another?

Def no flex… This deck is well…stiff as a board lol

As long as you don’t have too much flex bending it on one side over the others. You don’t bolt it down and crack the bolt holes. Other then that you should be good. The new enclosures are 4mm thick so they’re much more durable.

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This is key right here.

I use the closed cell foam weather stripping from Home Depot. I also use metal washers with a rubber gasket to mount the enclosure. The less stress on the outside and the inside of the lip the better.

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Check out the first post here in this link. It’s brilliant and easy to get into to tune your vescs. Scroll down through the pics and you will see it.

I have a V2 enclosure on order so I’ll let you know.

it actually fits great without having added foam yet… will start doing my build on sunday… will see if the foam is enough for creating a nice seal… other wise will cut a nice “yoga mat” gasket to really seal things off =)

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