Torqueboards 12s4p

I purchased a 12s4p 30q battery pack from Torqueboards but the BMS says 30 continuous amps and 80amp spikes this seems to be a bit underwhelming considering the battery size. Is this normal or should I change the bms?

Not familiar with TB’s battery model, but if the BMS is used for charging only. Your limits are the specs of the battery type used and not the BMS. Will check it out now.

Edit: it clearly states on his website “BMS is rated for 30A Continuous Amp Output and 80A Peak Amp Output.”

Given they are 30 Q that’s quite up to spec and the BMS is rated for this, so nothing to be gained by bypassing it.

Well I’m going from the specs on the website and I’m assuming it uses the bms for charge and discharge.

30q cells are rated for 15A continuous so isn’t the bms a bottleneck here?

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Its probably only used for charging similar to enertion packs.

What do you guys recommend for battery vesc settings with this battery set up. I had 30 battery amps with my old 10s3p space cell set up maybe I can push 40-50 battery amps?

Its a 30Q 15A draw in 4P so total spec should be 60A draw. That means you can bypass the BMS for discharge rate of up to 60A draw. I am not sure how battery max per vesc works but If you have two vesc’s you can set 30A per vesc and If you are using single VESC you should be able to set it up to 60A Also long as you bypass the BMS.

Are you sure it’s the 30q one and not Panasonic

They were some 12s4p 30q for sale on TB site for 300$ for cyber Monday

Those $300 were PanasonicPF ones, 30Q were $350 each.

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Yep I spoke with Dexter and payed extra for the 30q cells

I asked there support team and they said it was only balance not sure if they know or not

I’m not sure they know very technical stuff like that. I hope it’s just charging

I wouldn’t take them very seriously. They told once told me the BMS was 60A but the pack itself was 30A which made no sense as they confirmed it was a 30Q 12s4p pack. Confirm it on your own, if it is not wired to be charging only then you can make the change. Its actually quite simple. I ordered this pack from them on Black friday I think. Still hasn’t shipped. I have no idea what they are doing.

I got my tracking number last night so yours will probably ship soon, I think I was one of the first to buy it on Black Friday.

@torqueboards is the man with answers to technical questions.

That’s good to know. Now just gotta wait for those Chinese parts that will take forever to arrive.

@Battosaii It’s normal. Ride it with the current BMS you should be able to hit 30mph+ if you want it faster you’ll need to swap out the BMS. The current BMS is 30amp cont/80amp peak. Typically, you won’t need much higher then that but you can.

@myreala 30Q packs are 30A Cont/80A Peak BMS. Cells are capable of more but the BMS is the limiting factor. Unfortunately, we’re a bit delayed at this time as we are also moving into a new warehouse. We will be expanding our team very shortly to help ship out orders on a daily basis sometime in January. Doesn’t fix the delays that are present now but they will for the future. Sorry :cry:


So I should run 15 battery amps each vesc? Seems a bit low honestly, but I’ll mess with the settings worst case I’ll use the bms for only charging like other have said but I’ll use as is for now.

on my 6s2p pack I was told by their support to run 50a batt. max